T'Loth-class cruiser

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T'Loth cruiser
First appearance Midnight on the Firing Line
Affiliation Narn Regime

The T'Loth cruiser is a fictional warship used by the Narn Regime in the fictional universe of the Babylon 5 television series and related franchise.

Origin and design[edit]

The T'Loth-class cruiser was designed by Ron Thornton.[1]


The T'Loth cruiser appeared several times during the first season of Babylon 5.[2][3] In the episode Midnight on the Firing Line, the Narn Regime used T'Loth cruisers accompanied by Frazi heavy fighters for a surprise attack on a Centauri agricultural colony near Ragesh III. In the episode Chrysalis several T'Loth-class cruisers are destroyed by Shadow warships. The T'Loth-class cruiser is an older design, and the vessel's lack of artificial gravity makes it slower and less-maneuverable than the warships of the Minbari, Centauri, or Earth Alliance. The ship's two huge wings provide maximum protection for the crew-and-command section which connects the two wings. The T'Loth was eventually succeeded by the more advanced G'Quan-class cruiser, which became the primary warship of the Narn military. By the end of 2258, the last active T'Loths were given back-of-the-line duty guarding unimportant outposts such as Quadrant 37.