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Public Limited Company
Founded 1866
Headquarters Munich, Germany
Number of locations
800 locations worldwide
Key people
Dr. Axel Stepken (CEO), Dr. Matthias J. Rapp (CFO), Dirk Eilers, Klemens Schmiederer, Horst Schneider, Karsten Xander,[1]
Revenue 1.94 billion(2013)[2]
Number of employees
20000 (2013)
Website http://www.tuv-sud.com [4]

TÜV SÜD is an international service corporation focusing on consulting, testing, certification and training. At over 800 locations, primarily in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, TÜV SÜD Group employs approximately 20,000 staff. In 2013, sales revenues totalled EUR 1.94 billion. TÜV SÜD Group is headquartered in Munich, Germany. It is one of the TÜV organizations.

Business segments[edit]

TUV facility in Munich.

TÜV SÜD provides solutions for companies in a wide range of industries. Its service range includes the inspection and certification of industrial plants, the testing of consumer products (such as clothing, sports equipment or toys) to ensure their safe functioning in compliance with official standards, and the provision of management system certification and occupational health and safety services. TÜV SÜD is proactively involved in international climate-change projects and supports the automotive industry in the design, development and global approval of new technologies. The company is known as a provider of roadworthiness and exhaust emission testing for cars and motorbikes. Since early 2009, via its participation in TÜVTURK, the group has also taken charge of vehicle inspection in Turkey.

Company history[edit]

Today's TÜV SÜD Group originally started out as a technical private-sector regulatory body to the minimization of technical risks: from 1866, steam boiler operators in various industrial centres throughout Germany founded the private-sector regulatory bodies known as "Dampfkessel-Überwachungsvereine“, with the purpose of ensuring the safety of industrial plants. The areas of activity gradually expanded in step with technological progress (including electricity, motor vehicles, fire safety, power plants, lifts, cable cars, nuclear power stations, environmental protection, product safety, management systems).[3]

1866 The Steam Boiler Inspection Association Baden was established in Mannheim

1926 Introduction of the "TUV mark / stamp" in Germany

1958 Development of a Bavaria-wide network of vehicle inspection centres

1987 TÜV SÜD America opens its doors throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and includes the subsidiaries PetroChem Inspection Services, Inc., Global Risk Consultants and ARISE, Inc.

1990s Subsidiaries established in numerous European countries

1996 Merger of TÜV Bayern Sachsen, TÜV Hessen and TÜV Südwest to form TÜV Süddeutschland

2005 TÜV SÜD Chemie Service established

2006 TÜV SÜD AG acquires PSB Group in Singapore, the testing company PetroChem (USA) and Kermi Kft. (Hungary)

2007 TÜV SÜD starts to establish a network of 189 test stations for roadworthiness testing in Turkey

2008 Initial and periodic inspection of plants and installations now offered throughout Germany

2009 Launch of Turkey-wide vehicle inspection by TÜVTURK, a joint venture of TÜV SÜD and two Turkish partner companies

2010 Take-over of US-based Global Risk Consultants (GRC), thus becoming market leader in independent property loss control consulting

International branches[edit]

TUV associated testing facility in Gormley, Ontario, Canada.

Since the 1990s, TÜV SÜD has established branches outside Germany. Today, international business in the Strategic Regions Germany, Europe, Americas, Asia and Middle East / Africa is conducted across more than 50 countries worldwide.


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