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Parent companyVy (Vygruppen AS)

Vy Tåg AB is a Swedish railway company that operates franchises in different parts of Sweden. The company was founded in 1999 by three former railway employees in Statens Järnvägar and the investment company Småföretagsinvest/Fylkinvest.[1] In 2005 Norwegian State Railways (now Vy) purchased 34% of Svenska Tågkompaniet, and later on October 31, 2006 increased its ownership stake to 85%.[2] In 2007 NSB purchased the rest and got complete ownership of the company.

Previously known as Tågkompaniet or Svenska Tågkompaniet AB (The Swedish Train Company), the company rebranded to Vy Tåg in 2019.

The company has four franchise contracts:

Rolling stock[edit]

Multiple units[edit]

  • 3 X11 (Norrtåg) Umeå - Vännäs
  • 1 X20 (Stockholm-Furuvik) later moved to Tåg i Bergslagen, now stored in a private railway museum.
  • 3 X50 (Upptåget)
  • 2 X52 (Norrtåg)
  • 12 X62 (Norrtåg)
  • 2 Y1 (Borlänge - Malung) later moved elsewhere when service was discontinued.
  • 2 Y31 (Borlänge - Malung)[3] later moved when service was discontinued.
  • 1 Y31 (Norrtåg)


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