Téléphérique (Jounieh)

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The téléphérique as seen from the ground.
View from the Top

The Téléphérique, owned and operated by Compagnie Libanaise du Telepherique et d' Expansion Touristique SAL, is a gondola lift system located in Jounieh, a city in Lebanon 16 km north of Beirut. It was founded in 1965.

In only nine minutes, the 1.5 km (1 mi) long Téléphérique line transports passengers from the bay of Jounieh, above the maritime highway and the pine-forested steep mountain, to an altitude of 650 meters, arriving at the Our Lady of Lebanon shrine in Harissa.[1] The trips offers "spectacularly dramatic views",[2] including "panoramic views over the Bay of Jounieh".[3] Currently, the ride from Jounieh to Harissa on the Téléférique costs 11,000 L.L or US $7.33.[4] The ride is considered one of the most popular activities for tourists in Jounieh[5]


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