Töpfer (hill)

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Mount Töpfer
Rock formation with look-out on Mount Töpfer
Highest point
Elevation 582 m (1,909 ft) DE-HN
Coordinates 50°50′54″N 14°45′44″E / 50.84833°N 14.76222°E / 50.84833; 14.76222Coordinates: 50°50′54″N 14°45′44″E / 50.84833°N 14.76222°E / 50.84833; 14.76222
Location Saxony, Germany
Mountain type sandstone

Mount Töpfer is a mountain with an elevation of 582 metres near the municipality of Oybin in the German state of Saxony. It is situated in the Zittau Mountains which are part of the Lusatian Mountains. It is known for it interesting rock formations near the top. Its name Töpfer (English: Potter) was probably derived from the peak that resembles two chalices.

The mountain hut Töpferbaude

Rock Formations and Sights[edit]

The Broody Hen (Brütende Henne) is one of many bizarre rock formations around the summit
Summit cross with view towards the Izera Mountains
  • Parrot (Papagei)
  • Turtle (Schildkröte)
  • Chick (Küken)
  • Wobble Stone (Wackelstein)
  • Broody Hen (Brütende Henne)
  • European Summit Cross (Europakreuz)
  • The Cave of Gratz (Gratzer Höhle)