Tønsberg (town)

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Tønsberg is a town located in the municipalities of Tønsberg and Nøtterøy in Vestfold, Norway. As of 2010, it had a population of 48,350, of which 31,932 people lived in the municipality of Tønsberg and 16,418 in Nøtterøy. The town covers an area of 31.06 square kilometers (11.99 sq mi), of which 19.20 square kilometers (7.41 sq mi) is in Tønsberg and 11.86 square kilometers (4.58 sq mi) is in Nøtterøy.[1]


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Coordinates: 59°16′01″N 10°24′32″E / 59.267°N 10.409°E / 59.267; 10.409