Tønsberg Cathedral

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Tønsberg Cathedral
Tønsberg Domkirke
Tønsberg domkirke.jpg
Tønsberg Cathedral
Tønsberg Cathedral is located in Norway
Tønsberg Cathedral
Tønsberg Cathedral
59°16′9.05″N 10°24′16.4″E / 59.2691806°N 10.404556°E / 59.2691806; 10.404556Coordinates: 59°16′9.05″N 10°24′16.4″E / 59.2691806°N 10.404556°E / 59.2691806; 10.404556
Location Tønsberg, Vestfold
Country Norway
Denomination Church of Norway
Churchmanship Evangelical Lutheran
Former name(s) St. Laurentius Church, Tønsberg Church
Status Cathedral
Functional status Active
Architect(s) Christian Heinrich Grosch
Style Gothic
Materials Brick
Diocese Diocese of Tunsberg

Tønsberg Cathedral (in Norway: Tønsberg Domkirke) is a Lutheran church in the Church of Norway and is home to the Diocese of Tunsberg. It is located in Tønsberg, Norway. Originally a parish church, that was elevated to cathedral in 1948 when the Diocese of Tunsberg was created, detached from that of Oslo.

The cathedral is built over the ruins of St. Laurentius Church, which was built in the first half of the 12th century and demolished in 1814. It is a brick Gothic church, originally designed by the architect Christian Heinrich Grosch and completed in 1858 on the ruins of an ancient church. It was remodeled in 1939.[1]

Interior, Tønsberg Cathedral during a service.
The Cathedral, located in downtown Tønsberg

The altarpiece shows Jesus´struggle at Gethsemane. It was painted in 1760 by J. P. Lindegård. The pulpit, created by unknown local artisans, is from 1621. Two 16th Century Bibles, one from 1550 and one from 1589, are treasures that belongs to the Cathedral. The Cathedral is richly carved including the four evangelists and their personal symbols.[2]

The Cathedral has space for 550 seats.

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