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Tønsbergs Blad
Mediahuset, the headquarters of Tønsbergs Blad.

Tønsbergs Blad is a local newspaper published in Tønsberg, Norway. The newspaper was founded by printer Hans Jørgen Magnus Hansen on 3 August 1870, with an initial circulation of 210 copies. By the turn of the century the circulation had grown to 2,600.[1] In 1881 the newspaper was purchased by Tønsbergs Aktietrykkeri, to operate as a conservative publication. In 1986 Orkla Media AS – part of the Orkla Group – took over ownership. When this company was taken over by the Mecom Group in 2006, it changed name to Edda Media.[1]

Tønsbergs Blad had a circulation of 30,354 copies in 2007.[2] The newspaper employs 98 people full-time, and the editor in chief is Håkon Borud.[1]


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