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For the railway station, see Tøyen Station.
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Tøyen stasjon.jpg
Station photograph taken from platform for outbound trains
Location Tøyen, Oslo
Coordinates 59°54′54″N 10°46′34″E / 59.91500°N 10.77611°E / 59.91500; 10.77611Coordinates: 59°54′54″N 10°46′34″E / 59.91500°N 10.77611°E / 59.91500; 10.77611
Elevation 22.2 m
Owned by Sporveien
Operated by Sporveien T-banen
Line(s) Common Tunnel
Distance 2.1 km from Stortinget
Connections Bus: 20 Skøyen - Galgeberg
60 Vippetangen - Tonsehagen
Structure type Underground
Opened 1966

Tøyen is a rapid transit station located in the Common Tunnel of Oslo Metro in Norway. Located in the borough of Gamle Oslo, it is also called "Tøyen-Munchmuseet" due to its proximity to the art museum. It is the last station on the east side shared by all lines; the Grorud Line and Ring Line departs from the other four lines at Tøyen. The station has three platforms, on the south side is a platform for all outbound trains. Across the tracks is another for inbound trains coming from Ensjø, and on the other side of this platform is a third one for inbound trains from Carl Berners plass.

The station was opened on 22 May 1966 as part of the new metro lines to the eastern boroughs of Oslo. Above the metro station is a shopping centre. Apart from the Munch Museum, there is a park north of the subway station with botanical gardens and paleontological, geological and zoological museums.

There is also a railway station, Tøyen Station, that is located on the Gjøvik Line, though this station is located 750 metres (2,460 ft) from the metro station.

Frognerseteren Grønland Line 1 Ensjø Bergkrystallen
Østerås Line 2 Ellingsrudåsen
Kolsås Line 3 Mortensrud
Vestli Line 4 Bergkrystallen
Ring Line and Sognsvann Line 5 Carl Berners plass Ring Line and Vestli


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