Tünek Tepe

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Tünek Tepe is a hill in the west side of the city of Antalya. Its height is 618 m msl (2009 feet).

On the crest is a hotel, night club, and rotating restaurant- the Döner Gazino ('Rotating Nightclub'). The club generally serves private parties, and features a view of the Gulf of Antalya and the mountains.

Tünektepe Cable Car[edit]

Antalya as seen from a cable car
Tünektepe Cable Car lower station

The Tünektepe Cable Car (Turkish: Tünektepe Teleferik) is an aerial lift of tramway type located in Antalya, Turkey, serving the peak of Tünek Tepe hill.[1]

The Cable Car project was initiated in 2013 as a project to connect Tünek Tepe, the coastal hill overlooking the city of Antalya, with the Sarısu Neighborhood at the edge of the Konyaaltı district. The project cost 14 million Turkish lira.[2]


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