Türnitz Alps

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Türnitz Alps
Highest point
Peak Großer Sulzberg
Elevation 1,400 m (4,600 ft)
Length 30 km (19 mi)
Country Austria
State/Province Lower Austria
Range coordinates 47°50′19″N 15°23′09″E / 47.83861°N 15.38583°E / 47.83861; 15.38583Coordinates: 47°50′19″N 15°23′09″E / 47.83861°N 15.38583°E / 47.83861; 15.38583
Parent range Northern Limestone Alps

The Türnitz Alps (German: Türnitzer Alpen) are a mountain range of the Northern Limestone Alps in southern Lower Austria and the adjacent state of Styria. They stretch from the Erlauf valley in the west to the valleys of the Traisen and Unrechttraisen in the east. To the south they are bordered by the Salza valley in Halltal and the municipality of Mariazell.

Important peaks and passes[edit]

The mountain group covers an area of about 30 by 30 km and forms the transition from the pre-alps in the Danube region to the higher peaks of the Mürzsteg Alps, which mostly lie in Upper Styria. The mountains reach a height of 1,400 m in the Großer Sulzberg, and have several other peaks over 1,350 m. The best-known peaks are:

Notable passes and crossings are:


The valleys of the Türnitz and Traisen have steep mountainous sides and there is little room for settlements. The water quality is high. Summits are largely forested. Only well-known tourist destinations, like the Eibl and Tirolerkogel, have large areas of Alpine pasture (Almen).