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Türst is a legendary figure from the Lucerne hinterland who dates back to pagan times. He is described as a "dreadful hunter", of whom people should beware on stormy days. Türst hunts in the tempestuous months through the villages, accompanied by a herd of dogs with only three legs. Statements about Türst vary from region to region.


Distinguishing features are his threat "drü Schritt rechts, gang uswägs", where one is turned into a dog that has to follow the herd if one does not get out of Türst’s way on time. Furthermore, it is said that the Tenntore – the farm’s main doors – should stay open at all times so that Türst can hunt through the barn unhindered. Sträggele, an ugly witch that is known to be Türst's wife, appears in some legends about him. Other legends say that Türst gives the cattle such a big fright that the cows do not produce milk for a long time.

The legends of the different regions[edit]

In Horw, Türst is accompanied by small dogs, a leading dog with only one eye, his wife, Sträggele, and the Pfaffenkellnerin, a ghost with glowing eyes.

While Türst is said to be a ghost in Horw, he is known to be the leader of the wild hunt, who appears in a green hunting suit in Rickenbach. Moreover, his herd does not consist of small dogs but animals that are half dog, half pig.

In Wolhusen, one believes that Türst turns himself into a dog to go hunting and that everyone, who does not get out of his way on time, will be turned into a dog leading the rest of his life as a member of Türst’s herd. To avoid Türst, the citizens built up crosses. In case that a cross fell, the farmers had bad luck until the cross stood straight again.

The people in Pilatus tell that Türst is a ghost and a "dreadful hunter", who drives and shocks the farmer’s cattle so that the cows do not produce milk for a long time. Hounds accompany him, whose traces can be identified easily because they have only three legs.

The Tennstore in Ettiswil stay open most of the time because the farmers are afraid that the doors could be torn open by Türst’s invisible forces.