Tāng (surname)

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Tang (湯/汤)
Language(s)Han Chinese
Language(s)Old Chinese
DerivationDiku (帝嚳) the Gaoxin (高辛)
Tang of Shang (商湯)
MeaningTang the Boil
Shang the Sloosh
Yang the Sunrise
Other names
Variant(s)Teng, Deng
Derivative(s)Shang, Yang
See alsoShang Dynasty
Han Chinese

Tāng (/tɑːŋ/;[1] simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: tāng) is a Chinese surname. It is 72nd surname in the Hundred Family Surnames or Baijiaxing of the Song Dynasty and 101st in modern popularity.[2] The Tang (湯) family name comes from various people of the Shang Dynasty and some nomadic Chinese people.

Tang is a common form of other Chinese surnames Deng and Teng.

Notable people[edit]

  • Tang Xianzu (1550–1616), Chinese playwright
  • Tang Enbo (1898–1954), Nationalist general in the Republic of China
  • Tang Xiaodan (1910–2012), Chinese film director
  • Tang Yuhan (1913–2014), Hong Kong doctor and oncologist
  • Tang Yijie (1927–2014), Chinese scholar and professor
  • John Tong Hon (born 1939), Chinese Roman Catholic cardinal and Bishop of Hong Kong
  • Ronny Tong (born 1950), Hong Kong politician
  • Timothy Tong (born 1950), Hong Kong commissioner
  • Kent Tong (born 1958), Hong Kong actor
  • Tang Sulan (born 1965), Chinese writer and politician
  • Angela Tong (born 1975), Hong Kong actress
  • Tang Jiali (born 1976), Chinese dancer and model
  • Tang Wei (born 1979), Chinese actress

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