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Coat of arms of Tășnad
Coat of arms
Tășnad is located in Romania
Location of Tăşnad
Coordinates: 47°28′38″N 22°35′2″E / 47.47722°N 22.58389°E / 47.47722; 22.58389Coordinates: 47°28′38″N 22°35′2″E / 47.47722°N 22.58389°E / 47.47722; 22.58389
Country  Romania
County Satu Mare County
Status Town
 • Mayor Veron Andrei Stefan (Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania)
 • Total 96.60 km2 (37.30 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 • Total 8,411
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Climate Cfb
Website http://www.tasnad.ro/

Tășnad (Romanian pronunciation: [təʃˈnad]; Hungarian: Tasnád, Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈtɒʃnaːd]; German: Trestenburg) is a town in Satu Mare County, northwestern Romania. It administers five villages: Blaja (Tasnádbalázsháza), Cig (Csög), Rațiu (Ráctanya), Sărăuad (Tasnádszarvad) and Valea Morii (Tasnádmalomszeg).

At about 2 km from the center lies Tășnad geothermal Spa, known in Romania and abroad for its thermal waters.


Historical population
Year Pop. ±%
1977 9,934 —    
1992 10,399 +4.7%
2002 10,188 −2.0%
2011 8,411 −17.4%
Source: Census data

According to the last census from 2011 there were 8,411 people living within the city.

Of this population, 51.1% are ethnic Romanians, while 36.2% are ethnic Hungarians, 11.4% ethnic Romani and 1,1% others.[1]

Dr. Abraham Fuchs wrote a comprehensive historical book about Tășnad as it was up to World War II. The book is in Hebrew and describes the vibrant Jewish life in this small town up until its destruction in 1944.[2]


At the archaeological site of Tășnad-Sere in the Spa-area, finds from the Neolithic Körös, Pișcolt and Baden cultures have been made as well as remains from the late Iron Age and the migration period (Chernyakhov culture). Since 2012, Ulrike Sommer from the Institute of archaeology London conducts excavations of the Körös site together with the Satu Mare Museum.[3]


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