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A local train on the Tobu Kiryu Line, near Yabuzuka Station in 2011

The Tobu Kiryu Line (東武桐生線 Tōbu Kiryū-sen?) is a railway line in Japan operated by the major private railway operator Tobu Railway. The line is a 20.3 km branch off the Isesaki Line at Ōta Station, southbound to Akagi Station.


All trains are operated as all-stations "Local" services.


All stations are located in Gunma Prefecture.

Name Japanese Distance (km) Between (km) Transfers Location
Ōta 太田 - 0.0 Tobu Isesaki Line Ōta
Sammaibashi 三枚橋 3.4 3.4  
Jiroembashi 治良門橋 2.5 5.9  
Yabuzuka 藪塚 3.8 9.7  
Azami 阿左美 3.2 12.9   Midori
Shin-kiryū 新桐生 1.7 14.6   Kiryū
Aioi 相老 2.3 16.9 Watarase Keikoku Railway Watarase Keikoku Line
Akagi 赤城 3.4 20.3 Jōmō Line Midori


The Yabuzuka Quarry opened a 610 mm (2 ft) gauge human-powered line between Ota and Yabuzuka in 1911 to haul stone blocks. The line was acquired by Tobu in March 1913, rebuilt to 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in) gauge and extended to Aioi on 19 March 1913. The line was electrified from 1 March 1928, and in March 1932 extended to Akagi. Freight services ceased in 1996.[citation needed]


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