Tōkyū Ikegami Line

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Tokyu Ikegami Line
A Tokyu Ikegami Line 1000 series EMU in August 2004
Native name東急池上線
TypeCommuter rail
OwnerTokyuLogotype.svg Tokyu Corporation
Line length10.8 km (6.7 mi)
Track gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Electrification1,500 V DC overhead catenary

The Tokyu Ikegami Line (東急池上線, Tōkyū Ikegami-sen) is a railway line operated by the private railway operator Tokyu Corporation. It runs through Tokyo, extending from Gotanda Station in Shinagawa to Kamata Station in Ōta.

New three-car 7000 series EMUs were introduced in December 2007, with a total of 19 sets delivered by 2011.[1]

Station list[edit]

All trains stop at all stations.

No. Station name Distance (km) Transfers Location (ward)
IK01 Gotanda 0.0 Shinagawa
IK02 Ōsaki-Hirokōji 0.3
IK03 Togoshi-Ginza 1.4
IK04 Ebara-Nakanobu 2.2
IK05 Hatanodai 3.1 OM Tokyu Oimachi Line
IK06 Nagahara 3.7 Ota
IK07 Senzoku-Ike 4.3
IK08 Ishikawadai 4.9
IK09 Yukigaya-Ōtsuka 5.6
IK10 Ontakesan 6.4
IK11 Kugahara 7.1
IK12 Chidorichō 8.0
IK13 Ikegami 9.1
IK14 Hasunuma 10.2
IK15 Kamata 10.8

Rolling stock used[edit]




The line first opened on 6 October 1922 as a 1.8 km line between Kamata and Ikegami. On 4 May 1923, this was extended 3.7 km from Ikegami to Yukigaya.

  • 1926-08-06: Keidai Ground-mae Station opens (now Chidorichō Station).
  • 1927-08-19: Chōfu-Ōtsuka Station opens between Yukigaya and Ontakesan.
  • 1927-08-28: Section opens between Yukigaya and Kirigaya (now closed), located between Ōsaki-Hirokoji and Togoshi-Ginza (4.7 km).
  • 1927-10-09: Line opens between Kirigaya and Ōsaki-Hirokoji (0.6 km).
  • 1928-04-13: Ishikawa Station renamed Ishikawadai, and Suehiro Station renamed Higashi-Chōfu (now Kugahara).
  • 1928-06-17: Line opens between Ōsaki-Hirokoji and Gotanda (0.3 km), completing line.
  • 1933-06-01: Chōfu-Ōtsuka Station combined with Yukigaya Station and renamed Yukigaya-Ōtsuka; Ontakesan-mae Station renamed Ontakesan.
  • 1936-01-01: Higashi-Chōfu Station renamed Kugahara; Keidai Ground-mae Station renamed Chidorichō.
  • 1951-05-01: Hatagaoka Station moved to Hatanodai Station on Ōimachi Line.
  • 1953-08-12: Kirigaya Station closes.

The line voltage was raised from 600 V to 1,500 V DC from 10 August 1957.

The 3000 series trains were withdrawn on 18 March 1989.

On 19 March 1989, Ebara-Nakanobu Station was moved underground.

From 16 March 1998, wanman driver-only operation commenced on the line.

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