Tōkyū Setagaya Line

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Tōkyū Setagaya Line
Tokyu SG line symbol.svg
Tokyu 300 series trainset
Type Light rail
Locale Setagaya, Tokyo
Termini Sangen-Jaya
Stations 10
Owner Tokyu Corporation
Line length 5 km (3.1 mi)
Track gauge 1,372 mm (4 ft 6 in)
Electrification 600 V DC overhead catenary

The Tōkyū Setagaya Line (東急世田谷線 Tōkyū Setagaya-sen?) is a light rail line in Tokyo, Japan, operated by Tokyu Corporation. It connects Sangen-Jaya to Shimo-Takaido, entirely within Setagaya, Tokyo.

Unlike other Tokyu lines that are heavy commuter lines, the Setagaya Line is legally classified as a tramway, although the entire line is located on its own right-of-way because it is a branch line of the former Tamagawa Line (not the same line as the present-day Tōkyū Tamagawa Line), which ran on surface streets between Shibuya and the Tama River.

In Tokyo proper, only this line and Toden Arakawa Line are surviving tramways. (There is also Enoshima Electric Railway in the Greater Tokyo Area.) The line has its own smart card system called Setamaru, which cannot be used on other Tokyu lines. Since March 2007 the PASMO contactless card has also been accepted on the Setagaya and other Tokyu lines.


The Tamagawa Electric Railway Co. opened the line in 1923, and merged with Tokyu in 1938. The balance of the line closed in 1969, leaving this isolated section as the sole 1372mm gauge Tokyu line.


Station Japanese Distance (km) Transfers Location
Sangen-Jaya 三軒茶屋 0.0 Tōkyū Den-en-toshi Line Setagaya
Nishi-Taishidō 西太子堂 0.3
Wakabayashi 若林 0.9
Shōin-Jinjamae 松陰神社前 1.4
Setagaya 世田谷 1.8
Kamimachi 上町 2.2
Miyanosaka 宮の坂 2.7
Yamashita 山下 3.4 Odakyū Odawara Line (Gōtokuji)
Matsubara 松原 4.2
Shimo-Takaido 下高井戸 5.0 Keiō Line


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