Tōyō Rapid 2000 series

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Tōyō Rapid 2000 series
2000 series
In service 2004 - Present
Manufacturer Hitachi
Family name A-train
Number built 110 vehicles (11 sets)
Predecessor Tōyō Rapid 1000 series
Formation 10 cars per trainset
Operator(s) Tōyō Rapid Railway
Line(s) served Tōyō Rapid Line, Tokyo Metro Tōzai Line
Car body construction Aluminium
Car length 20 m
Maximum speed 100 km/h (on Tōzai Line)
Acceleration 3.3 km/h/s
Deceleration 3.5 km/h/s (service)
5.0 km/h/s (emergency)
Electric system(s) 1,500 V DC overhead
Track gauge 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)

The Tōyō Rapid 2000 series (東葉高速鉄道2000系?) is an electric multiple unit (EMU) train type operated on the Tōyō Rapid Railway, an extension of Tokyo Metro Tōzai Line. It replaces the Tōyō Rapid 1000 series.[1]

A total of 11 10-car sets were built between 2004 and 2006 by Hitachi It was based on the Tokyo Metro 05 series 13th-batch (sets 05-140 to 05-143) design, but features a different headlight arrangement.[1]

The driver's handle is a single handle controlled by left hand and it has a dead man system. The partition between the driver's cab and passenger saloon has three windows. Two of the windows are usually screened by curtains on the Tōzai Line, but one window is left unobstructed so passengers can look the view ahead even on subway tracks.

Other technical details[edit]

  • Front end style: Round lights, Have a front skirt
  • Headlights: HID
  • Destination indication: 3-color LED
  • LED displays inside car: 4 per car
  • Control system: IGBT-VVVF
  • Motor/trailer: 5M5T
  • Motor output (per motor): 165 kW
  • Train power output: 3,300 kW
  • Gear ratio: 6.21 (87:14)
  • Pantograph: single-arm x3
  • Door width: 1.3 m
  • Seat configuration (intermediate cars): 3-7-7-7-3

Lines used[edit]


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