Tōyō Rapid Railway Line

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Tōyō Rapid Railway Line
A Tōyō Rapid 2000 series train on the line.
Native name東葉高速線
OwnerToyo Rapid Railway
LocaleChiba Prefecture
TypeRapid transit
Opened27 April 1996
Line length16.2 km (10.1 mi)
Number of tracks2
Track gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Electrification1,500 V DC, overhead catenary
Operating speed100 km/h (60 mph)[1]

The Tōyō Rapid Railway Line (東葉高速線, Tōyō Kōsoku-sen) is a rapid transit line owned by the third-sector company Tōyō Rapid Railway Co., Ltd., which runs between Nishi-Funabashi Station in Funabashi, Chiba and Tōyō-Katsutadai Station in Yachiyo, Chiba. The name Tōyō (東葉) comes from the characters for Tokyo and Chiba. The line is an extension of the Tokyo Metro Tōzai Line.[1]


Almost every train on the Toyo Rapid Railway makes through services with the Tokyo Metro Tōzai Line. However, due to Tōyō Rapid Railway vehicles (namely the Tōyō Rapid 2000 series) not being equipped with ATS-P, they can not operate on the Chūō–Sōbu Line, which uses this method of safety equipment. The same goes for E231-800 series sets, which can not go direct to the Tōyō Rapid Railway Line. Despite this, Tokyo Metro vehicles can operate on all lines.

Current train services[edit]

There are three train service types on the Tōyō Rapid Railway, however, all trains stop at every station the Tōyō Rapid Railway Line.

Rapid (快速)[edit]

Operates between Tōyō-Katsutadai and Nakano stations and sometimes to Mitaka. Most services on the Toyo Rapid Railway use this service. While it stops at every station on the Tōyō Rapid Railway Line, the section between Nishi-Funabashi and Tōyōchō on the Tokyo Metro Tōzai Line is non-stop except for a stop at Urayasu, then the service stops at all stations west of Tōyōchō. Most morning and afternoon trains go direct to Mitaka on the Chūō–Sōbu Line.

Commuter Rapid (通勤快速)[edit]

Like the Rapid Service, it also operates between Tōyō-Katsutadai and Nakano stations and in the morning and afternoon to Mitaka, and stops at every station on the Tōyō Rapid Railway Line. Only operates in the "up" direction on mornings towards Nakano. It is non-stop between Nishi-Funabashi and Urayasu before stopping at every station west of Urayasu.

Local (各駅停車)[edit]

This service only operates on rush hours when services on the Tokyo Metro Tōzai Line make through services with the Tōyō Rapid Railway Line, and sometimes goes to Mitaka station on the Chūō–Sōbu Line. This service stops at all stations on the Tōyō Rapid Railway Line, Tokyo Metro Tōzai Line and the Chūō–Sōbu Line.

Former services[edit]

Tōyō Rapid (東葉快速)[edit]

From the revised timetable on the 4 December 1999, the "Toyo Rapid" service was created. It stopped at Nishi-Funabashi, Kita-Narashino, Yachiyo-Midorigaoka and Tōyō-Katsutadai. Due to congestion on tracks, on March 14, 2009, the timetable changed to have 4 evening "up" bound Tōyō Rapid trains, thus the "down" service towards Tōyō-Katsutadai was abolished. Due to passenger counts increasing on stops that the Tōyō Rapid did not stop at, the Tōyō Rapid service was completely abolished on the March 14 2014 timetable change.


  • All services stop at every station.
No. Name Japanese Transfers Location
Through-service to/from Mitaka via the T Tokyo Metro Tozai Line and JB Chūō Line (Local)
TR01 Nishi-Funabashi 西船橋 [* 1] Funabashi Chiba
TR02 Higashi-Kaijin 東海神
TR03 Hasama 飯山満
TR04 Kita-Narashino 北習志野 SL Shin-Keisei Line (SL19)
TR05 Funabashi-Nichidaimae 船橋日大前
TR06 Yachiyo-Midorigaoka 八千代緑が丘 Yachiyo
TR07 Yachiyo-Chūō 八千代中央
TR08 Murakami 村上
TR09 Tōyō-Katsutadai 東葉勝田台 KS Keisei Main Line (Katsutadai Station: KS31)
  1. ^ Nishi-Funabashi is shared by Tōyō Rapid Railway, JR East and Tokyo Metro; Tokyo Metro manages the station.

Rolling stock[edit]



Construction work on the line commenced in July 1984, and the line was fully opened on 27 April 1996.[1] Limited-stop "Toyo Rapid" (東葉快速, Tōyō Kaisoku) services were introduced on the line from the start of the 4 December 1999 timetable revision. Such services in the "up" direction (toward Tokyo) were discontinued in 2009, and the "down" limited-stop services were discontinued from the start of the revised timetable on 15 March 2014.[2]


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