Tokhyon Line

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Tŏkhyŏn Line
Native name 덕현선(徳峴線)
Type Heavy rail, Passenger & freight rail
Regional rail
Status Operational
Locale North P'yŏngan
Termini South Sinŭiju
Stations 6
Opened April 1971
Owner Korean State Railway
Operator(s) Korean State Railway
Line length 37.3 km (23.2 mi)
Number of tracks Single track
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
Minimum radius 300 m (980 ft)
Maximum incline 12‰
Route map

DPRK-Tokhyon Line.png

P'yŏngŭi Line
0.0 South Sinŭiju
Paengma Line
P'yŏngŭi Line
6.1 Chŏngmulli
Omok River
17.2 Ŭiju
29.3 Sujin(iron ore mine)
34.2 Chŏnggwang(iron ore mine)
37.3 Tŏkhyŏn(iron ore mine)
Tokhyon Line
Chosŏn'gŭl 덕현선
Revised Romanization Deokhyeonseon
McCune–Reischauer Tŏkhyŏnsŏn

The Tŏkhyŏn Line is a non-electrified standard-gauge secondary line of the Korean State Railway in North P'yŏngan Province, North Korea, running from South Sinŭiju on the P'yŏngŭi Line to Tŏkhyŏn.[1]

The ruling grade on the line is 12‰ and the minimum curve radius is 300 m (980 ft). There are 13 bridges with a total length of 373 m (1,224 ft), and there are no tunnels.[2]


The Tŏkhyŏn Line was opened by the Korean State Railway in April 1971.[2]


The primary function of the Tŏkhyŏn Line is to deliver iron ore from the mines around Tŏkhyŏn to the September Iron & Steel Complex (9월제철종합기업소) in Sinŭiju and the Hwanghae Iron & Steel Complex on the Songrim Line, thus the bulk of southbound freight is ore from the mines.[2]

Three pairs of commuter trains run on the line between Sinŭiju Ch'ŏngnyŏn and Tŏkhyŏn stations.[2]


A yellow background in the "Distance" box indicates that section of the line is not electrified.

Distance Station Name (Transcribed) Station Name (Chosŏn'gŭl) Connections
0.0 South Sinŭiju (Namsinŭiju) 남신의주 P'yŏngŭi Line, Paengma Line
6.1 Chŏngmulli 정문리
17.2 Ŭiju 의주
29.3 Sujin 수진
34.2 Chŏnggwang 정광
37.3 Tŏkhyŏn 덕현