Tři vejce do skla

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Tři vejce do skla
Directed by Martin Frič
Written by Václav Wasserman
Starring Vlasta Burian
Cinematography Ferdinand Pečenka
Release date
  • 24 September 1937 (1937-09-24)
Running time
94 minutes
Country Czechoslovakia
Language Czech

Tři vejce do skla (Three Eggs in a Glass) is a Czech comedy film directed by Martin Frič.[1] It was released in 1937...Vincenc Babočka, a meaningless employee of police station, thinks he is a detective with exceptional abilities. Holiday in Karlovy Vary gives him an opportunity to prove to everyone what he is really worth. He is mistakenly considered to be international and police prosecuted adventurer Leon Weber. He decides to take advantage of the confusion and tries to find Leon's accomplice that are getting ready to steal diamonds belonging to Maharaja of Yohir. According to Weber plan, he meets Maharaja in disguise for Prince Narishkin. Everything is going according to the plan until the real Weber appears...


  • Vlasta Burian as Vincenc Babočka / Leon Weber / Prince Narishkin
  • Antonín Novotný (actor) as Van Houden
  • Helena Bušová as Sandra, secretary
  • Míla Reymonová as Jiřina, Weber's lover
  • Bohuš Záhorský as Alois, accomplice of Weber
  • Rudolf Kadlec as Yohir, false maharaja
  • Karel Dostál as the secretary of the false maharaja
  • Jaroslav Marvan as a doctor
  • Theodor Pištěk as a police commissioner
  • Čeněk Šlégl as a client of Babočka


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