Tịnh Biên

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Tịnh Biên
Urban municipality and town
Tịnh Biên town
Tịnh Biên town
Tịnh Biên is located in Vietnam
Tịnh Biên
Tịnh Biên
Location in Vietnam
Coordinates: 10°35′N 105°0′E / 10.583°N 105.000°E / 10.583; 105.000Coordinates: 10°35′N 105°0′E / 10.583°N 105.000°E / 10.583; 105.000
Country  Vietnam
Province An Giang Province
District Tịnh Biên District
Time zone UTC+7 (UTC+7)
Climate Aw

Tịnh Biên is an urban municipality (trấn thuộc huyện) and capital town of the Tịnh Biên District of An Giang Province, Vietnam.

Tịnh Biên was depicted in Robin Moore's fiction book The Green Berets; chapter 1 described a real-life battle during the Vietnam War in which all of the members of a United States Army Special Forces detachment were injured during the fighting.[1]


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