Tự Lực văn đoàn

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Self-Strengthening Literary Union
Tự-Lực văn-đoàn
FormationMarch 2, 1934; 85 years ago (1934-03-02)
FoundersNhất Linh, Khái Hưng, Hoàng Đạo, Thạch Lam, Tú Mỡ, Thế Lữ, Xuân Diệu
Founded atHanoi, Tonkin, French Indochina
Legal statusActive organization
PurposeLiterature, education, art, activism
Flag of Colonial Annam.svg French Indochina
OwnerNhất Linh, Khái Hưng, Hoàng Đạo, Thế Lữ, Thạch Lam, Tú Mỡ
Nhất Linh
AffiliationsEnlightenment Association

The Self-Strengthening Literary Union (Chinese: 自力文團, French: Union Littéraire Autonome, Vietnamese: Tự-Lực văn-đoàn) was a left-wing literary association in Tonkin during the 1930s.


The group was founded in 1932-1933 by Nhất Linh and Khái Hưng, who started to publish the weekly magazine Phong Hóa ("Mores") and later Ngày Nay ("Today").[1] For a period the Tự Lực văn đoàn group were at the forefront of new developments in journalism, the "New Poetry," and the introduction of realism in the novels and stories serialised in Phong Hóa.[2] Novels serialized in Phong Hóa were later published complete in the Self-Strengthening publishing series.[3] The group was identified as anti-French and, for example, excluded from French-organized literary and art conferences.[4]

The group's activities coincided with the emergence of Vietnam's feminist movement,[5] and the Tự Lực văn đoàn's novels often described – under the tenets of realism – the traditional obligations of women.[6]




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