Tønsberg Vikings

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Tønsberg Vikings
League Norwegian First Division
Founded 1963
Home arena Tønsberg Ishall
Based in Tønsberg, Norway
Image: 150 pixels
Colors Red, white


Head coach Brett Stewart
National Championships 0
League championships 0
Official website tonsberghockey.no

The Tønsberg Vikings, officially Tønsberg og Omegn Ishockeyklubb, are an ice hockey club based in Tønsberg, Norway. Tønsberg Vikings plays in the second highest Norwegian league, the Norwegian First Division. The team's colours are red and white; home games are played at Tønsberg Ishall.


Tønsberg og Omegn Ishockeyklubb was founded on 4 April 1963. For most of its history, the club competed in the lower divisions of Norwegian ice hockey, never reaching beyond the third tier.

In 2002, the club set itself the goal of becoming an established team in the 1. divisjon by 2006.[1] For many years, Tønsberg had focused on developing youth players; with the first team at the time languishing in the 3. divisjon, these players invariably moved elsewhere upon reaching a certain age.[2]

Canadian Dave Flanders was hired as head coach ahead of the 2002–03 season, and would also be playing for the team.[3] It took three games for the Vikings to record their first win,[4] and the campaign was dealt a decisive blow four rounds from the end of the season when they lost 5–6 to Holmen.[5] Tønsberg eventually finished in sixth place with 14 points from as many games. Flanders stepped down after the season; his successor as player-coach, Lars Oddvard Fjeldvang, later maintained that the Canadian had gotten the most out of a mediocre team.[6]

Fjeldvang coached the Vikings during the 2003–04 season. He succeeded where Flanders had not, largely due to a better roster. The team recorded a run of 11–2–2 to finish on 24 points; enough to claim first place and a historic promotion to the 2. divisjon.[7][8]

During the off-season, the club formed a limited company to manage commercial activities and improve finances. Morten Sandø, a member of the team since 2002, was appointed player-coach and later also head of marketing.[9] Three experienced players were brought in to reinforce the team ahead of its first outing in the 2. divisjon. By mid-season, half that team had been lost to injury, transfer or other, forcing the management to rely on junior team members to fill the roster.[10] At the cost of the junior team's performance, the first team eventually finished fifth.

In the following seasons, the Vikings struggled at the bottom of the standings. Despite having advanced to the third tier of the league system, the club continued to lose its most talented young players. The lack of a regional ice hockey academy meant that national youth team players from Tønsberg were still moving to Bærum or Oslo when they entered high school.[11] From 2006 to 2008, the club did not have enough eligible players for a separate junior team. In his second and final season as head coach, Sandø also criticized the team's inability to adopt a proper training culture.[12] For the 2006–07 season, Sandø handed over the reins to Jimmy Svensson, who failed to make an impact.

With the appointment of Andreas Toft as head coach in 2007, a concerted effort began to lift the club up to a higher level, both on and off the ice. As the club's first full time head coach, Toft was inexperienced at only 25 years of age, but had achieved positive results with Jutul's juniors from 2005 to 2007.[13] By the 2008–09 season, a more robust management was in place to support him, and which succeeded in bringing several former junior team members back to the club, as well as signing the former Czech professional Jiri Jantovsky.[14] A successful campaign ensued, in which the Vikings won the 2. divisjon—and promotion—with a 16–1–1 record.

In 2012, the club qualified for the GET-ligaen for the first time in club history,[15] and managed to stay there for the two following seasons. But due to struggeling economy, the board of the Tønsberg Vikings asked that the team was to be moved down one division before the 2014-15 season.

Season-by-season record[edit]

This is a partial list of the last five seasons completed by the Tønsberg Vikings. For the full season-by-season history, see List of Tønsberg Vikings seasons.

Norwegian Champions Regular Season Champions Promoted Relegated
Season League Regular season Postseason
2010–11 1. divisjon 36 31 2 3 228 77 65 1st 3rd in Qualifying for Eliteserien
2011–12 1. divisjon 34 33 1 0 228 65 66 1st 1st in Qualifying for Eliteserien
2012–13 Eliteserien 45 5 32 4 4 126 256 27 10th 2nd in Qualifying for Eliteserien
2013–14 Eliteserien 45 3 37 3 2 90 227 17 10th 2nd in Qualifying for Eliteserien1
2014–15 1. divisjon 36 28 6 0 2 239 119 85 1st 3rd in Qualifying for Eliteserien

1Due to struggeling economy, the board of the Tønsberg Vikings asked that the team was to be moved down one division.[16] The vacant spot was given to Kongsvinger Knights.[17]

Current roster[edit]

As of March 9th, 2014.

Number Player Catches Born Place of Birth
30 Norway Kenneth Helgesson L 08.01.1993 Vänersborg, Sweden
60 Slovakia Karol Krizan L 05.06.1980 Zilina, Slovakia
Number Player Shoots Born Place of Birth
13 Norway Andreas Liljedal R 21.09.1990 Kongsberg, Norway
17 United States David Inman R 08.03.1987 San Diego, United States
33 Norway Sebastian Kjos Sæves L 11.12.1993 Oslo, Norway
38 Norway John Nicolay Næsgård L 22.06.1993 Oslo, Norway
43 Norway Christian Fosse L 21.08.1993 Lillehammer, Norway
48 Norway Sebastian Skaar L 10.08.1985 Oslo, Norway
51 Norway Jens Ulrik Bacher L 02.10.1992 Asker, Norway
91 Canada Ryan Kavanagh R 12.02.1991 Montreal, Canada
Number Player Shoots Born Place of Birth
2 Sweden Niclas Wedin L 29.06.1991 Sundsvall, Sweden
9 Norway Christian Linge R 07.10.1993 Porsgrunn, Norway
11 Norway Marius Günther L 08.03.1993 Asker, Norway
15 Norway David Hallström L 15.01.1988 Gothenburg, Sweden
19 Norway Simen Thoresen Rønold L 25.04.1991 Asker, Norway
24 Norway Carl Henrik Andersson L 14.06.1994 Bergen, Norway
44 Norway Kristoffer Kleven Solberg L 06.04.1991 Tønsberg, Norway
46 Canada Yvan Busque L 06.03.1983 Saint-Georges, Canada
47 United States Andrew Hamburg R 17.06.1989 Phoenix, United States
50 Norway Jo Magnus Hegg R 01.07.1988 Fredrikstad, Norway
71 Norway Christopher Paulsen L 14.04.1989 Sarpsborg, Norway
78 Canada Francis Verreault-Paul R 07.05.1987 Roberval, Canada
81 Sweden Patrick Eriksson L 06.02.1990 Malung, Sweden
83 Canada Jacob Lagacé R 09.01.1990 Saint-Hyacinthe, Canada
88 Norway Henrik Medby L 26.02.1992 Gjøvik, Norway
90 Norway Peter Even Killingstad L 26.07.1990 Tønsberg, Norway


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