T'oung Pao

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T'oung Pao  
T'oung Pao, Vol. 1, Title Page.png
Cover of first volume (1890)
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Discipline Sinology
Language English, French, and German
Edited by Pierre-Étienne Will, Martin Kern, and Paul Kroll
Publication details
Publication history
Frequency 5 issues per year
ISSN 0082-5433
T'oung Pao
Traditional Chinese 通報
Simplified Chinese 通报

T’oung Pao ([tʰʊ́ŋ.pâu]; Chinese: 通報; pinyin: Tōngbào; literally: "Messages, Circulars"), founded in 1890, is a Dutch journal and the oldest international journal of sinology.

T'oung Pao's original full title was T’oung Pao ou Archives pour servir à l’étude de l’histoire, des langues, la geographie et l’ethnographie de l’Asie Orientale (Chine, Japon, Corée, Indo-Chine, Asie Centrale et Malaisie) ("Tongbao or Archives for Use in the Study of the History, Languages, Geography, and Ethnography of East Asia [China, Japan, Korea, Indochina, Central Asia, and Malaysia]"). It is published by the Leiden publisher E. J. Brill.

The first co editors-in-chief were Henri Cordier and Gustav Schlegel. Traditionally, T'oung Pao was co-edited by two sinologists, one from France and one from the Netherlands. However, the tradition has been discontinued: the current editors are Pierre-Étienne Will (French – Collège de France), Martin Kern (German – Princeton University), and Paul Kroll (American – University of Colorado Boulder).

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