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T-Bones Records
Logo for T-Bones Records as of 2016-08-01.jpg
FoundedMississippi, United States
FounderTim Ramenofsky
Genrehip hop, trip hop, jazz fusion, experimental, heavy metal, crossover thrash
Country of originUS
Official websitehttps://headfridge.bandcamp.com/

T-Bones Records is a record label founded by producer Tim Ramenofsky (aka "Headfridge"). The label was born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi when Ramenofsky was a member of the metal fusion band Loppybogymi. In 2000, Ramenofsky discovered rapper Afroman and produced the album, "Because I Got High". The record was originally released on T-Bones Records. The title track was soon posted on file-sharing service Napster and made it to The Howard Stern Show.[1] This song was the theme song of the film Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back[2] and was later featured in the films Disturbia and The Perfect Score. "Because I Got High" was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance in 2002.[3]

T-Bones Records is known for releasing artists who mix and mash up various genres, including the jazz-funk-metal sound of Loppybogymi, to the trip hop mix of Savalas Brothers, to the jazz-fusion of Dukes of Jazzard, to the punk-metal fusion of The Cooters.


  • Loppybogymi "Tup" (1998)
  • FRŌDÅWG "MetåmōFrōsïs" (1998)
  • Sexual Honky "In Stereo" (1998)
  • Afroman "Sell Your Dope" (1999)
  • Dukes of Jazzard "Live" (1999)
  • Afroman "Because I Got High" (2000)
  • Various Artists "T-Bone's War of the Worlds" (2000)
  • Dolowite "Watch Yo Ass" (2000)
  • Loppy Octopus "Loppy Octopus" (2001)
  • Savalas Brothers "Tough Guy" (2001)
  • Cookout "Ear Fashion" (2002)
  • The Cooters "The Moon Will Rise Again" (2002)
  • Savalas Brothers "Pimp Knuckle" (2002)
  • Headfridge "Cool Out" (2002)
  • Headfridge "Mood Elevator featuring Lhay Browning" (2005)
  • Headfridge "Rogue Fugu" (2006)
  • Headfridge "Space Honky" (2013)
  • Headfridge "YoDrumbo" (2015)
  • Dukes of Jazzard "Unearthed Boot (Live in 1999)"' (2016)
  • The Big Naturals "YoDrumbo Live at the Fox" (2016)
  • Headfridge "headfridge duz Asia" (2016)

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