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T-Force poster.jpg
T-Force movie poster
Directed by Richard Pepin
Produced by Jerry P. Jacobs
Scott McAboy
Joseph Merhi
Richard Pepin
Barry Primus
Written by Jacobsen Hart
Lenore Kletter
Starring Jack Scalia
Evan Laurie
Bobby Johnston
Jennifer MacDonald Deron McBee
Music by Louis Febre
Distributed by PM Entertainment
Release date
  • 1994 (1994)
Running time
105 minutes
Language English

T-Force is a 1994 sci-fi film set in the near future about a group of law enforcement cyborgs, called "cybernauts" which, after being threatened with the shutdown, rebel against their superiors and the authorities.[1]

The film, much like other low budget sci-fi, action or thriller movies of the nineties, draws heavily on other, more famous and commercially successful, movies - Die Hard, Blade Runner, The Terminator and Total Recall.


A terrorist group seizes the British embassy in downtown Los Angeles, killing hostages. All seems lost, but "T-Force," the world's first fully cybernetic law enforcement team is deployed and within minutes, more than thirty terrorists are dead. However, Adam, one of the members of T-Force, goes too far and shoots a disarmed and surrendering female terrorist. He then destroys a terrorist helicopter with six hostages on board with a grenade launcher. The mayor and the Chief of the LAPD decide to shut down the program and disassemble the cybernauts despite protest from the cybernaut's chief scientist.

Perceiving their shutdown a threat to their self-preservation, the cyborgs rebel and go on a killing rampage by targeting the mayor and the chief. Lieutenant Jack Floyd of the LAPD teams up with Cain, one of the cybernauts who chose to obey the law, to hunt down the renegade cybernauts and destroy them.



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