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T. Fisher Unwin
FounderThomas Fisher Unwin
SuccessorErnest Benn Limited
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Publication typesBooks

T. Fisher Unwin was the London publishing house founded by Thomas Fisher Unwin, husband of British Liberal politician Jane Cobden in 1882.[1]

Unwin was a co-founder of the Johnson Club, formed 13 September, 1884, to mark the hundred years since the death of Dr Samuel Johnson.

The latterly more famous Stanley Unwin (his nephew) started his career by working in his uncle's firm. In 1914 Stanley Unwin purchased a controlling interest in the firm George Allen and Sons, and established George Allen and Unwin, later to become Allen and Unwin.

Unwin retired to his home in Sussex in 1926, following which his publishing house merged with Ernest Benn Limited.[1]

Book series[edit]

  • The Adelphi Library
  • Army Examination Series
  • Autonym Library[2]
  • Builders of Greater Britain[3]
  • Cabinet Library (also known as: Unwin's Cabinet Library)[4]
  • Centenary Series
  • The Children's Library
  • Every Irishman's Library[5]
  • First Novel Library
  • Half-Holiday Handbooks
  • Independent Novels
  • Library of Irish Literature
  • The Library of Literary History
  • Little Novels
  • Lives Worth Living
  • Mermaid Series[6]
  • Overseas Library
  • Pseudonym Library[2]
  • The Reformer's Bookshelf
  • Six Shilling Novels
  • The Story of the Nations Library[7]
  • Unwin's Colonial Library[8]
  • Unwin's Green Cloth Library[9]
  • The Welsh Library

Further reading[edit]

  • Philip Unwin, The Publishing Unwins (London: William Heinemann Ltd., 1972)


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