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T. G. Lingappa
Born Thiruchirappalli Govindarajulu Lingappa
(1927-08-22)22 August 1927
Tiruchirappalli, Madras Presidency, British India
Died 5 February 2000(2000-02-05) (aged 72)
Nationality Indian
Occupation Music director
Spouse(s) Shantamma

Thiruchirappalli Govindarajulu Lingappa (Tamil: டி. ஜி. லிங்கப்பா; 22 August 1927 – 5 February 2000) was a noted music director who had scored music for Tamil, Kannada and Telugu movies.[1][2][3] He was the son of G. Govindarajulu Naidu who was also a musician.

Early life[edit]

T.G. Lingappa was the second son and had learned music from his father G. Govindarajulu Naidu. His family stayed in Thiruchi. This is where M. K. Thyagaraja Bhagavathar (MKT) used to sing in their house and G. Govindarajulu Naidu introduced MKT to his children. G. Govindarajulu was a harmonium player in special dramas, but was also known as the one who taught music for K. B. Sundarambal. He also sold musical instruments and gramophone in Thiruchi, but the business was not doing very well. T. G. Lingappa had learned to play several musical instruments. In 1940, G. Govindarajulu Naidu took his family to Madras to look for greener pasture there.

Career life[edit]

At the age of 14, Lingappa tried to act in the film Kamathenu which was produced by Visvanathan. Instead Visvanathan had asked Lingappa to sing and to remain with him for sometime to given chance. He stayed a few months and when it is not fruitful and then moved on. Since he is able to play musical instuuments, he then joined the Mayoora Film Orchestra and played harmonium, mandoline and guitar. This orchestra used to play music for films and gramophone. It sis to be noted that Lingappa played instruments for Ashok Kumar (1941) and he was earning salary of 30 monthly .

In the same year Lingappa approached Gemini Studios to try his luck. C. Ramchandra was working there with other older artistes. But Lingappa was rejected due to his young age. Not giving up, Lingappa proceeded to Salem to try his chance in Modern Theatres when music director T. A. Kalyanam invited him. There Lingappa met T. R. Pappa and K. V. Mahadevan. It was the time during the 1940s where everyone was circumambulating all available studios for opportunities.

In 1945, Lingappa returned to Madras and worked under R. Sudarsanam in the Pragathy Studios and he played instruments in the film Sri Valli (1945). Lingappa went to Karakkudi to play musical instruments when AVM Productions made Nam Iruvar (1947). In 1948, he returned to Madras and worked under C. R. Subburaman. All these experience under different renowned music directors had sparked an idea to be a freelance musician. He went on to purchase modern instruments from abraoad, especially London where he bought the electric guitar. Lingappa was well capable of playing the guitar. Music directors G. Ramanathan, S. V. Venkatraman and K. V. Mahadevan had used Lingappa for several of their songs. From then on Lingappa was playing many instruments under all the leading music directors.

He worked with singers like T. M. Soundararajan, A. M. Rajah, Seerkazhi Govindarajan, V. N. Sundaram, S. C. Krishnan, M. L. Vasanthakumari, P. Leela, Jikki, T. V. Rathinam, A. P. Komala, Radha Jayalakshmi, Soolamangalam Rajalakshmi, K. Jamuna Rani, P. Susheela, K. Rani and S. Janaki.

The singing actors M. M. Dandapani Desikar, T. R. Mahalingam, K. R. Ramaswamy, U. R. Jeevarathinam, N. S. Krishnan, T. A. Madhuram and J. P. Chandrababu also sang memorable songs under his compositions.

T. G. Lingappa and T. R. Mahalingam[edit]

T. R. Mahalingam had produced his first film Macha Regai (1950) where the music was done by C. R. Subburaman. His manager was B. R. Panthulu. Since C. R. Subburaman died suddenly, T. R. Mahalingam who had known Lingappa from earlier and became closer in the film Nam Iruvar, gave Lingappa chance to compose music for his second production Mohana Sundaram (1951). There are more than ten songs in Mohanasundaram. It was also that J. P. Chandrababu sang first Hello My dear Darling, Hello My rose charming. The success of the songs are due to T. R. Mahalingam and Lingappa both knew carnatic music, cooperated and discussed the tunes together. After that T. R. Mahalingam used Lingappa in his other movies like Chinna Durai and Vilayattu Bommai.

T. G. Lingappa and B. R. Panthulu[edit]

B. R. Panthulu separated from T. R. Mahalingam and started Padmini Pictures for which banner Lingappa composed most number of films in Tamil. The first film of B. R. Panthulu was Kalyanam Panniyum Brahmachari (1954), a Sivaji Ganesan starrer directed by P. Neelakantan. There are excellent songs in the film. The Bharathidasan song Vennilaavum Vaanum Pol was first sung by M. M. Dandapani Desikar in the stages. Lingappa obtained his permission to use the same song in Kalyanam Panniyum Brahmachaari with some modifications and after the approval of the tune by Baradidasan, Radha Jayalakshmi sang the song. V. N. Sundaram sang the comedy song Kaviyin Kanavil Vaazhum Oviyame in which he combines light music with carnatic tune. J. P. Chandrababu sang for Sivaji Jolly Life Jolly Life. This film and songs became hit. B. R. Panthulu again booked Lingappa for Sivaji Ganesan starrer Mudhal Thethi (1955).

Thangamalai Ragasiyam (1958) is another film that lifted P. Suseela to great heights. The song is Amuthai Pozhiyum Nilave. The same film was taken in Hindi and this song was retained with Hindi words. Again it became a success in the Hindi circles.

Lingappa continued on composing for Sabaash Meena (1958), Engal Kudumbam Perisu (1958) and Kuzhandhaigal Kanda Kudiyarasu (1960). He then went on to compose in Kannada movies. After a break he came back to compose in Muradan Muthu (1964). That was the last film where B. R. Pantulu used Sivaji Ganesan.

However, Lingappa continued on working with Panthulu in many more Kannada films till the early 1970s. There were Malayalam films too.

The last collaboration was Kadavul Mama (1974) before the demise of Panthulu.


Vaazhviley Oru Naal (1956) produced by T. S. Venkataswami who is the husband of U. R. Jeevarathinam. In this movie Lingappa there is a duet Thendrale Varaayo Inba Sugam Tharayo by T. M. Soundararajan and U. R. Jeevarathinam.

It is said by Lingappa himself that there are at least two songs that he composed, but came to be used by other music directors. One is Kunguma Poove which J. P. Chandrababu learnt under Lingappa and sang for S. M. Subbaiah Naidu in Maragatham (1959). The other is the song Putham Puthu Meni by Balamurali Krishna and P. Susheela in Subathinam.

Some compositions of T. G. Lingappa:


Year Film Language Director Banner Note
1951 Mohana Sundaram Tamil A. T. Krishnaswami Sukumar Productions
1952 Chinna Durai Tamil T. R. Mahalingam Sukumar Productions
1954 Kalyanam Panniyum Brammachari Tamil P. Neelakantan Padmini Pictures
1954 Vilayattu Bommai Tamil T. R. Raghunath Sukumar Productions
1955 Mudhal Thethi Tamil P. Neelakantan Padmini Pictures
1955 Modalatedi Kannada P. Neelakantan Padmini Pictures
1955 Shivasharane Nambekka Kannada P. Neelakantan Padmini Pictures
1956 Sivasakthi Tamil P. Neelakantan Padmini Pictures
1956 Vazhvile Oru Naal Tamil A. Kasilingam Mercury Pictures with S. M. Subbaiah Naidu & C. N. Pandurangan
1957 Thangamalai Ragasiyam Tamil B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1957 Rathnagiri Rahasya Kannada B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1957 Rathnagiri Rahasyam Telugu B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1958 Thedi Vandha Selvam Tamil P. Neelakantan Arasu Pictures
1958 Kanniyin Sabatham Tamil T. R. Raghunath Jupiter Pictures & ALS Production
1958 Sabaash Meena Tamil B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1958 Engal Kudumbam Perisu Tamil B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1958 School Master Kannada B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1958 Badi Panthulu Telugu B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1959 Pudhumai Penn Tamil M. Thiruvengadam Sri Gajalakshmi Pictures
1959 Veera Amar Singh Tamil with Shanmuga Babu
1960 Ellorum Innaattu Mannar Tamil T. Prakash Rao Jupiter Pictures
1960 Kuzhandhaigal Kanda Kudiyarasu Tamil B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1960 Makkala Rajya Kannada B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1960 Pillalu Techina Challani Rajyam Telugu B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1960 Sangili Thevan Tamil B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1961 Ennai Paar Tamil G. R. Nathan Palaniyappa Productions
1961 Kittur Chennamma Kannada B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1962 Gaali Gopura Kannada B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1962 Swarna Gowri Kannada Y. R. Swamy D. R. Naidu
1963 Sathi Shakthi Kannada Kanagaal Prabhakara Shastry
1963 Saaku Magalu Kannada B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1964 Muradan Muthu Tamil B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1964 Chinnada Gombe Kannada B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1964 Chandavalliya Thota Kannada T. V. Singh
1964 School Master Malayalam B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1965 Bettada Huli Kannada A. V. Sheshagiri Rao
1965 Naagapooja Kannada D. S. Rajgopal
1966 Thayin Mel Aanai Tamil G. R. Nathan Nagendra Films
1966 Dudde Doddappa Kannada B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1966 Emme Thammanna Kannada B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1967 Gange Gowri Kannada B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1967 Chakra Theertha Kannada Peketi Sivaram
1967 Beedi Basavanna Kannada B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1968 Dhoomakethu Kannada R. N. Jayagopal
1968 Amma Kannada B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1968 Chinnari Puttanna Kannada B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1968 Naane Bhagyavati Kannada T. V. Singh Thakur
1969 Thanga Malar Tamil D. S. Rajagopal Ganga Productions
1969 Gandondu Hennondu Kannada B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1969 Choori Chikkanna Kannada R. Rama Murthy
1970 Sri Krishnadevaraya Kannada B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures Won, Karnataka State Film Award for Best Music Director
1970 Arishina Kumkuma Kannada Ravi
1971 Kula Gourava Kannada Peketi Sivaram Eshwari Productions
1971 Malathi Madhava Kannada B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1971 Aliya Geleya Kannada B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1971 Hu Bisilu Kannada T. V. Singh
1972 Ondu Hennina Kathe Kannada B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1972 Sipayi Ramu Kannada Y. R. Swamy
1974 Kadavul Mama Tamil B. R. Panthulu Padmini Pictures
1975 Devara Kannu Kannada Y. R. Swamy
1975 Hosilu Mettida Hennu Kannada V. T. Thyagarajan
1976 College Ranga Kannada Puttanna Kanagal
1977 Ondu Premada Kathe Kannada Joe Simon
1977 Babruvahana Kannada Hunsur Krishnamurthy
1978 Thayige Thakka Maga Kannada V. Somashekar
1978 Kudure Mukha Kannada Y. R. Swamy
1979 Madhu Chandra Kannada Ramesh – Shivaram
1980 Bhaktha Siriyala Kannada Hunsur Krishnamurthy
1980 Jari Bidda Jana Kannada Y. R. Swamy
1981 Bhagyavantha Kannada Dorai-Bhagwan
1982 Hasyaratna Ramakrishna Kannada B. S. Ranga
1983 Bhakta Prahlada Kannada Vijay
1983 Geluvu Nannade Kannada S. A. Chandrasekhar
1985 Shiva Kotta Sowbhagya Kannada Hunsur Krishnamurthy
1985 Ade Kannu Kannada Chi. Dattaraj
1987 Shruthi Seridaaga Kannada B. Dattaraj
1988 Shiva Mecchida Kannappa Kannada Vijay Bhagavathi Combines
  • Rajayogam
  • Yediyooru Siddalingeshwara Mahime

T.G. Lingappa has also sung. His Tamil songs are:

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