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T. H. Lain was a collective pseudonym used by nine separate authors writing under Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons & Dragons novels imprint.

According to Peter Archer, WotC's Director of Publishing, the decision to credit the Dungeons & Dragons novels to just one author was made to ensure they would be shelved together, as well as to spark a certain measure of curiosity and speculation as to T.H. Lain's identity. However, it was already obvious to many from the stylistic differences between volumes that Lain's output was the work of many authors rather than one. In December 2003, WotC formally announced the nine authors whose work was published under the T.H. Lain name:[citation needed]


In addition, Steve Winter acted as line editor, starting with The Living Dead.


Ten books were published under the T.H. Lain pseudonym between July 2002 and December 2003, collectively following the exploits of the iconic characters of Dungeons & Dragons. The Savage Caves was the first in the series of novels featuring the iconic heroes of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.[1] The books in the series included:

  • The Savage Caves—Philip Athans
  • The Living Dead—Cory Herndon
  • Oath of Nerull—Bruce Cordell
  • City of Fire—Ed Stark
  • The Bloody Eye—Johnny L. Wilson
  • Treachery's Wake—Nate Levine
  • Plague of Ice—Murray J.D. Leeder
  • The Sundered Arms—Dave Gross
  • Return of the Damned—Jess Lebow
  • The Death Ray—Philip Athans


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