T. J. MacGregor

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T. J. MacGregor
Born Caracas, Venezuela
Pen name Trish MacGregor,
Trish Janeshutz,
Alison Drake
Occupation novelist
Nationality American
Period 1985 - present
Genre Thriller, Suspense, Paranormal

Patricia Janeshutz MacGregor writes most of her award-winning mysteries under the pen name of T.J. MacGregor. As Alison Drake she wrote five novels and as Trish Janeshutz she wrote two. As Trish MacGregor, she has written 15 nonfiction books that reflect her interests - astrology, the tarot, dreams, and yoga. In 2003, with the death of renowned astrologer Sydney Omarr, MacGregor took over the writing of his astrology books.


Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, T. J. MacGregor is bilingual and feels a deep kinship with South America. She has a B.A. in Spanish, and a Master in Library and Information Science. Before she sold her first novel in 1984, her jobs were all over the map. She taught English to Cuban refugees, Spanish to hormonal teenagers, was a social worker, and a librarian and Spanish teacher in a correctional facility for youthful offenders. Her best job was leading travel writing trips with her husband, writer and novelist Rob MacGregor, to the Peruvian Amazon. She lives in South Florida with her husband, their teenage daughter, and a menagerie of pets.[1]

T.J. has written 30 novels, which include two different series – the Quin St. James/Mike McCleary and the Tango Key series, as well as four stand-alone thrillers – The Seventh Sense, Vanished, The Other Extreme, and Out of Sight, which won the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Paperback Original of 2002.[1][2]


As T.J. MacGregor[edit]

The Quin St. James/Mike McCleary series

The Tango Key Series

Stand-Alone Thrillers

As Trish Janeshutz[edit]

As Alison Drake[edit]

As Trish MacGregor[edit]

As Trish J. MacGregor[edit]

The Hungry Ghosts[edit]


Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Paperback Original of 2002 for Out of Sight.[3]

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