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T. rex typically refers to Tyrannosaurus rex, a dinosaur species.

T. Rex or T-Rex may also refer to:


Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]


Groups and labels[edit]

  • T. Rex (band), a 1970s glam rock band (previously Tyrannosaurus Rex. a 1960s psychedelic folk duo) headed by Marc Bolan
  • Mickey Finn's T-Rex, a tribute band to the 1970s glam rock band, formed by members of the original band
  • X-T. Rex, formerly Bill Legend's T.Rex, another tribute band to the 1970s glam rock band, formed by Bill Legend, another member of the original band
  • T.Rex Wax Company, record label owned by Marc Bolan which released his band's recordings from 1972 onwards

Other uses in music[edit]

  • T. Rex (album), a 1970 studio album by the 1970s band
  • "T-Rex [Jurassic Park]", a song by Basshunter from The Old Shit album

Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media[edit]

Brands and enterprises[edit]

  • .577 T-Rex, .577 Tyrannosaur, a very large and powerful rifle cartridge developed for "stopping rifles" intended to stop the charge of dangerous game
  • T-Rex Engineering, a guitar effect pedal manufacturer

Sports teams[edit]


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