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Bishop Emeritus
T. S. Kanaka Prasad
Bishop Emeritus–in–Medak
Native name మహ గనుడు శామ్యూల్ కనక ప్రసాద్ అయ్యాగారు
Church Protestant Church of South India (comprising Wesleyan Methodist, Congregational and Anglican missionary societies - SPG, WMMS, LMS, CMS, and the Church of England)
Diocese Diocese of Medak
See Medak
Appointed 2009
Predecessor B. P. Sugandhar, CSI
Successor A. C. Solomon Raj, CSI
Ordination by Bishop Victor Premasagar
Consecration 17 August 2009[1]
by The Most Reverend J. W. Gladstone, Moderator and Principal Consecrator and The Right Reverend Christopher Asir, Deputy Moderator and Co-consecrator
Rank Bishop
Personal details
Born (1950-08-05)August 5, 1950
Nationality Indian
Denomination Christianity
Residence Secunderabad
Parents Smt. Esther and Sri Thalari Samuel
Occupation Priesthood
Previous post Pastor

Bishop Emeritus T. S. Kanaka Prasad[3] was the sixth successor of Frank Whittaker and seventh Bishop–in–Medak for the Diocese of Medak of the Church of South India (CSI) during the period 2009–2012.

Ministerial formation[edit]

During the Bishopric of H. D. L. Abraham, Kanaka Prasad took into Priesthood and studied spirituality in ecclesiastical institutions in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Andhra Pradesh[edit]


Kanaka Prasad first underwent a year of propadeutic studies at the STBC-Ramayapatnam Baptist Theological College in Ramayapatnam in Nellore district during the Principalship of Louis F. Knoll[4] where he was also taught by the Old Testament Scholar, G. Solomon and the Church historian R. Joseph.


After a year of study at Ramayapatnam, Kanaka Prasad moved to the Andhra Christian Theological College[4] then located at Rajahmundry where he enrolled for spiritual studies during the Principalship of W. D. Coleman and studied under notable faculty including G. Devasahayam, W. P. Peery, G. Solomon, M. Victor Paul, S. Joseph, Victor Premasagar, B. E. Devaraj, Eric J. Lott, Muriel Spurgeon Carder and Waldo Penner.[4]


Kanaka Prasad upgraded his academics at the Andhra Christian Theological College, which by then had moved to Hyderabad, [4] during the period of the Old Testament Scholars, Victor Premasagar, CSI and G. Babu Rao, CBCNC.


When B. P. Sugandhar retired from the Bishopric, T. S. Kanaka Prasad contested the vacant bishopric and was declared elected as the eight Bishop in Medak and consecrated on 17 August 2009 at the CSI-Medak Cathedral by then Moderator, The Most Reverend John Wilson Gladstone, the principal consecrator and The Right Reverend Christopher Asir, the co-consecrator in the presence of Bishops including S. J. Theodore, Bishop - in - Karimnagar, P. J. Lawrence Bishop - in - Nandyal and others as well as Clergy from the Diocese of Medak led by A. C. Solomon Raj, who succeeds Kanaka Prasad to the bishopric of Medak.


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Honorary titles
Preceded by
B. P. Sugandhar, CSI
Member, Board of Governors,
Andhra Christian Theological College,

Succeeded by
A. C. Solomon Raj, CSI
Religious titles
Preceded by
B. P. Sugandhar, CSI
CSI-Bishop in Medak,

Succeeded by
A. C. Solomon Raj, CSI