Technology for Autonomous Operational Survivability

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Technology for Autonomous Operational Survivability (TAOS)
TAOS drawing.gif
Names Space Test Experiment Platform 0 (STEP-0)
USA 101
Mission type Technology demonstrator
Operator AFRL
COSPAR ID 1994-017A
SATCAT no. 23030
Spacecraft properties
Bus LEOStar
Manufacturer Orbital Sciences
Launch mass 502 kg (1,107 lb)
Start of mission
Launch date 22:32:00, March 13, 1994 (1994-03-13T22:32:00)
Rocket Taurus
Launch site Vandenberg AFB

Technology for Autonomous Operational Survivability (also known as TAOS and STEP 0) was a satellite developed by the US Air Force's Phillips Laboratory (now part of the Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles Directorate) to test technology for autonomous operation of spacecraft.[1][2]

The TAOS mission was operated by heritage Space Test and Development Wing and the 1st Space Operations Squadron.[3]


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