TAROM Flight 371

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TAROM Flight 371
Tarom Airbus A310-300 Bidini.jpg
A TAROM Airbus A310-300 similar to aircraft involved in the accident
Accident summary
Date 31 March 1995 (1995-03-31)
Summary Mechanical failure followed by pilot error
Site Baloteşti, Romania
44°25′N 26°06′E / 44.417°N 26.100°E / 44.417; 26.100Coordinates: 44°25′N 26°06′E / 44.417°N 26.100°E / 44.417; 26.100
Passengers 50
Crew 10
Fatalities 60 (all)
Survivors 0
Aircraft type Airbus A310-324
Aircraft name Muntenia
Operator TAROM
Registration YR-LCC
Flight origin Otopeni International Airport
Destination Brussel-Zaventem Airport

TAROM Flight 371 was an Airbus A310 that crashed near Baloteşti in Romania on 31 March 1995. It was a flight from Bucharest's main Otopeni airport to Brussels.[1]

The flight crashed shortly after it took off. Two main reasons are indicated: first the throttle of the starboard engine jammed, remaining in takeoff thrust, while the other engine reduced slowly to idle, creating an asymmetrical thrust condition that ultimately caused the aircraft to roll over and crash. Second, the crew failed to respond to the thrust asymmetry. The captain did not say anything on the flight recording during the emergency and it was concluded that he was either incapacitated or missing from his seat. The first officer expressed concern (it's not clear whether about the captain or the aircraft attitude) and attempted a recovery just seconds before the crash. The name of the aircraft was Muntenia, named after the region of Romania.[2] Piloting the Airbus were 48-year-old Captain Liviu Batanoiu and 51-year-old First Officer Ionel Stoi.[3] None of the 10 crew and 50 passengers survived.

32 of the passengers were from Belgium, 10 from Romania, three from the United States, two from Spain, one from France, one from Taiwan, one from the United Kingdom, and one from the Netherlands.[4]

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