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TAS, Tas or tas may refer to:


  • Tasmania, Australia, abbreviation
  • Tas-Anna, rural locality in Neryuktyayinsky 1-y Rural Okrug of Olyokminsky District in the Sakha Republic, Russia
  • Tas-Silġ, rounded hilltop overlooking Marsaxlokk Bay, Malta, close to the city of Żejtun
  • River Tas, in Norfolk, England


For Turkish-language surname pronounced Tash, see Taş
Given name
  • Tas Baitieri, Australian former rugby league footballer and coach
  • Tas Bull (1932–2003), Australian trade union leader
  • Tas Pappas (born 1975), Australian skateboarder
  • Adam Tas (1668 – June 1722), South African community leader at the turn of the 17th century in the Cape Colony (in present day South Africa)
  • Adam Tas (singer) (born 1981), South African singer and songwriter in Afrikaans
  • András Róna-Tas (born 1931), Hungarian historian and linguist
  • Marcelo Tas (born 1959), Brazilian director, writer, actor and television host
  • Marja van der Tas (born 1958), Dutch politician
  • Rudi Tas (born 1957), Flemish Belgian composer of choral music, a conductor and an organist
  • "Tas", nickname for Tasmiyah Janeesha Whitehead (born November 27, 1993) who was arrested May 21, 2010 for the murder of Nikki Whitehead.

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  • TAS de Casablanca, Moroccan football club based in Casablanca
  • TAS Racing, international motorcycle road racing team based in Moneymore, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland
  • HK Taš, ice hockey club in Belgrade, Serbia

Transportation and utilities[edit]


  • 44M Tas heavy tank, a Hungarian medium/heavy tank design of World War II, not built
  • Tas-Samra Battery, artillery battery in Ħamrun, Malta, built by Maltese insurgents during the French blockade of 1798–1800

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