TASS Is Authorized to Declare...

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TASS Is Authorized to Declare...
Written byYulian Semyonov
Directed byVladimir Fokin
Theme music composerEduard Artemyev
Country of originSoviet Union
Original languageRussian
No. of episodes10
ProducerPyotr Pashkevich
CinematographyIgor Klebanov
EditorYelena Zabolotskaya
Running time700 minutes
Production companyGorky Film Studio
Original release
Release10 August 1984 (1984-08-10)

TASS Is Authorized to Declare... (Russian: ТАСС уполномочен заявить..., translit. TASS upolnomochen zayavit...) is a 1984 Soviet spy miniseries directed by Vladimir Fokin. The series is set in Cold War era and portrays the struggle of Soviet and American intelligence agencies. It is based on a novel by the same name by Yulian Semyonov (the author of cult spy series Seventeen Moments of Spring). "17 Moments" star Vyacheslav Tikhonov played KGB General Konstantinov, the protagonist of the "TASS..." series.[1]

Original film music score was composed by Eduard Artemyev as a blend of progressive rock and electronic music.


Trianon (Boris Klyuyev), a willing mole agent for the Americans, is providing his CIA handlers in Moscow with information on Soviet supplies to the fictional African state of Nagonia which he obtains through his high-positioned expert job. The KGB counterintelligence painstakingly identifies and neutralizes him. Trianon kills his fiancee who raised suspicions on his double life and then attempts to commit suicide when arrested, but the KGB secures his apprehension and interrogation.

At the same time in Nagonia, Soviet counterintelligence agent Slavin (Yuri Solomin) risks his life assisting in identification of Trianon and preventing local CIA resident Glabb (Vakhtang Kikabidze) from staging a coup d'etat in the country by pro-American General Ogano against ruling progressive president Grisso. Several foreign whistleblowers providing Slavin with information are killed by Glabb's order.

As the result of successful KGB operation, the TASS state news agency issues a sensational news bulletin exposing the CIA plot.


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