Tvøroyrar Bóltfelag

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Tvøroyrar Bóltfelag
TB Tvoroyri Logo.png
Full nameTvøroyrar Bóltfelag
Short nameTB
Founded13 May 1892; 126 years ago (13 May 1892)
GroundVið Stórá Stadium
Trongisvágur, Tvøroyri Municipality
ChairmanFróði Olsen
ManagerSigfríður Clementsen
2016Effodeildin, 7th
WebsiteClub website

Tvøroyrar Bóltfelag is a Faroese football club from Tvøroyri, currently playing in the Effodeildin, the top tier of Faroese football. TB Tvøroyri is the oldest football club in the Faroe Islands, and also one of the oldest in the Danish Realm, in which the Faroe Islands are a self-governing country.

After the end of the 2016 season it was decided on 15 December 2016 that the three clubs of the island Suðuroy, which are TB Tvøroyri, FC Suðuroy and Royn Hvalba would merge into a new club for the 2017 season.[1] The merger will not be complete until 2018 and the name will be all three names together for the 2017 season: TB/FC Suðuroy/Royn.[2] The three clubs have not been dissolved yet, they continue separately for the children's and women's teams. In 2017 it will only be the men's teams which will play for the new cooperation. In Faroese the new team is referred to as Suðuroyarliðið (the Suðuroy-team).[3] The first head coach for the Suðuroy-team is the Scottish manager Maurice Ross.[4]


The squad of TB Tvøroyri in 2016[edit]

TB players in a match against FC Suðuroy, the players are Rógvi Joensen and Bárður A. Dimon

As of 7 July 2016.

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Denmark GK Casper Radza
3 Faroe Islands MF Signar H. Olsen
4 Iceland DF Árni Rúnar Örvarsson
5 Faroe Islands DF Ragnar Joensen
6 Faroe Islands MF Rógvi Joensen
7 Faroe Islands MF Teitur Justinussen
8 Faroe Islands MF Martin Tausen
9 Faroe Islands MF Salmundur Bech
10 Netherlands FW Albert Adu
11 Faroe Islands DF Eirikur Magnusarson
No. Position Player
14 Faroe Islands MF Heri Mohr
15 Faroe Islands DF Teitur Olsen
17 Faroe Islands DF Aron Sörensen
18 Faroe Islands DF Heini Mikal Mortensen
19 Ghana FW Kofi Appiah
20 Faroe Islands MF Jón Magnusarson
21 Senegal MF Ndende Adama Guéye
23 Cameroon FW Hervé Din Din
24 Faroe Islands FW Carl Mikkjal Bech
27 Faroe Islands DF Jákup Pauli Breckmann

The home fields in Sevmýri and við Stórá[edit]

Sevmýri Stadium, former stadium of TB Tvøroyri
TB/FC Suðuroy/Royn in green playing their first match in Effodeildin in March 2017.

TB Tvøroyri used to play their home matches on Sevmýri Stadium, which is located in the eastern part of the town, near Froðba. But in 2011 the football field there was in such a bad shape, that the Faroe Islands Football Association could not allow any adult teams to play there. TB Tvøroyri therefore arranged with one of the neighbour villages, Hvalba, that they would play their matches there in 2011. On 17 November 2011 they started to build a new football stadium in Trongisvágur, just west of the sports hall, the place is called við Stórá (which means By Grand River).[5] They worked very hard to get the new home field ready for the clubs 120 years anniversary on 13 May 2012[6] and they made it. The new football field was ready in mid April, but it was not recognized for matches in the men's best division for the match against B36 Tórshavn as they had hoped for, the reason for this was that there were no seats yet, and the minimum demand for seats is 300. TB therefore played their home match against B36 Tórshavn in Vágur on 15 April 2012.[7] They worked hard in order to get at least 300 seats around the football field, and that work finished on the Faroese flagday on 25 April 2012. Two days later on 27 April 2012 TB's new football field við Stórá was finally approved for matches in the men's best division. The football field officially opened on 29 April 2012. There was an opening ceremony just before TB played against ÍF Fuglafjørður, at the ceremony there were speeches by Andre Dalfoss, president of TB Tvøroyri and by Jens Johannesen, Chairman of Cultural Affairs of Tvøroyri Municipality and there was music by Tvøroyri Brass Band (Tvøroyrar Hornorkestur). Just a few minutes before the match started one of the former players of TB Tvøroyri Mr. Kristian Olsen, who at this time was 88 years old, got the honour to kick the first ball. TB Tvøroyri won this first match 1–0, the goal was scored by the Serbian player Dmitrije Janković.[8]

Notable former players[edit]

Former TB-players who have played for the Faroe Islands national football team:



TB Tvøroyri vs. ÍF Fuglafjørður. This was the first match which was played on TB's new stadium Við Stórá on 29 April 2012.
  • Poul Erik Smedemark (Nov 2016 –[16]
  • Niels Pauli Eystberg (Feb 2016 — Nov 2016)[17]
  • Fróði Olsen (March 2015 – Feb 2016)[18]
  • Egil Olsen (Nov 2014 – March 2015)[19]
  • Palli Eysturberg (Nov 2013 – Nov 2014)[20]
  • André Dalfoss (Oct 2009 – Nov 2013)
  • Jóhan Petur Olgarsson (20??–Oct 09)


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