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TCA College (Singapore)
Established 1979
Type Seminary
President Wilson Teo
Location Singapore, Singapore

TCA College (Singapore) is an accredited multi-disciplinary college founded by Trinity Christian Center (Singapore) in 1979. It started as a Bible College in Singapore and is now one of the largest local Pentecostal/Charismatic accredited institutions.

Accreditations and Partnerships[edit]

TCA College is recognised by Ministry of Education (Singapore) as a religious school. Its programmes are also globally recognised by Asia Pacific Theological Association, Asia Theological Association, Azusa Pacific University, USA, Singapore Association for Counselling and University of Wales.[citation needed]


TCA College began as a vision[clarification needed] of Rev. Dr. Naomi Dowdy who was formerly the Senior Pastor of Trinity Christian Centre and Chancellor of the college. It was first named Trinity School of the Bible with the explicit purpose to provide ministerial training and prepare leaders for churches and the Christian community.[1]

By 1983, the name of the school was changed to Theological Centre for Asia. New English programmes were consistently launched over the years to meet with the needs of the community. In 1997, more programmes were rolled out in Chinese.[2]

With a fresh vision to be a multi-disciplinary college, the name of the school was changed to TCA College in 2006. Four Schools were launched in the process:- School of Counselling, School of Creative Arts, School of Leadership and School of Divinity. In an exciting move in 2008, the college managed to have several programmes validated by the University of Wales.[3] This global validation affirmed the academic standards of the college, besides its accreditation with Asian accreditation bodies such as Asia Theological Association.

Schools and current programmes[edit]

School of Theology[edit]

The School of Theology provides seminary education to train both pastors and lay people for ministry.

The English Department offers the following programmes: Certificate in Ministry, Diploma in Theology, Bachelor of Theology, Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies, Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies, Masters of Arts in Ministry, and Master of Divinity. [4]

The Chinese Department offers several programmes in Mandarin: Certificate in Ministry, Diploma in Theology, Bachelor of Theology, Master of Arts in Ministry, Master of Divinity, and Master of Theology.

School of Counselling[edit]

The School of Counselling offers Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Master of Arts in Counselling.[5]

School of Creative Arts[edit]

The School of Creative Arts offers modules that can be taken as part of the School of Divinity Bachelor and Master programmes.

School of Leadership[edit]

Partnering with Azusa Pacific University, the School of Leadership offers the degree of the Master of Arts in Global Leadership.


TCA College is located at Paya Lebar Singapore. The building is also located along the Circle MRT Line, between the MacPherson MRT Station and Tai Seng MRT Station.


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