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Manufacturer MAN, Duewag, Esslingen, Westwaggon
Constructed 1951-52
Entered service 1951
Number built 16
Formation 3 cars
Capacity 120
Operator(s) Turkish State Railways
Car length 70.93 m (total)
Width 2,868 mm
Maximum speed 125 km/h
Weight 135 t
Prime mover(s) MAN Diesel L12V 17,5/18
Power output 810 kW
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)

TCDD MT5300 was a series of diesel multiple units operated by the Turkish State Railways. The trains were used on intercity services, and offered higher speeds and comfort than steam powered trains. There had many similarities to the MT5200. The motor units were built by MAN, Esslingen and Duewag with MAN Diesel engines, while the centre cars were built by Westwaggon.

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