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The TCW Tag Team Championship was the primary professional wrestling tag team title of Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling. It was originally won by Scott Anton & Erik Watts who defeated Glacier & Jorge Estrada, coincidentally opponents for the TCW Heavyweight Championship, in Dothan, Alabama on March 3, 2001. Unlike the singles titles, the tag team titles changed hands very often when the promotion toured outside the state of Georgia, as far away as Alabama and Tennessee.[1]

Title history[edit]

Wrestlers: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Scott Anton & Erik Watts[2] 1 March 3, 2001 Dothan, Alabama Defeat Glacier & Jorge Estrada to become the first champions.[1]
Glacier & Jorge Estrada[3] 1 April 21, 2001 Cleveland, Tennessee [1]
The Public Enemy
Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge)[4][5]
1 July 7, 2001 Dothan, Alabama Public Enemy also held the MECW Tag Team Championship at the time of the match.[1]
Title is vacated in August 2001 when The Public Enemy leave the promotion to return to Main Event Championship Wrestling.[1]
Southside Trash
(Randy Harris & David Parrish)
1 September 15, 2001 Carrollton, Georgia Defeated Jorge Estrada & Sonny Siaki to win the vacant titles.[1]
Glacier (2) & "Big" Ron Studd 1 March 1, 2002 Carrollton, Georgia [1][6]
Title is vacated in 2002.
Jorge Estrada (2) & Sonny Siaki[7] 1 July 27, 2002 Carrollton, Georgia Defeated the Dobbins Brothers (Chad & Jason Dobbins) at the VFW Fairgrounds to win vacant title.[1]


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