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Terrence Christian "TC" Luoma was born in Northwest Territories, Canada,[citation needed] but moved to Detroit at the age of 3. He has a BA in English language and literature and a BS in microbiology. After his first year of graduate school in Michigan, he moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico to live with his brother and got a job as a technical editor for a defense contractor. Luoma is most known for his work as a writer in the bodybuilding industry.

Luoma first began writing about bodybuilding when his wife visited Gold's Gym in Venice Beach for a photoshoot. Within a year, Luoma worked as a freelance writer for various publications. His first article was an interview with female bodybuilder Heather Tristany, was published in MuscleMag.

Luoma first started writing for Muscle Media 2000 through MET-Rx founder, Dr. Scott Connelly for whom he ghost-wrote magazine columns. He was eventually hired by Muscle Media and become the editor-in-chief of the magazine at the height of its success. Luoma was eventually fired via fax by owner Bill Phillips[1] from the now-defunct Muscle Media 2000 magazine, of which he had been the editor-in-chief and primary contributor. Phillips wanted him to continue writing for him, but Luoma refused after a change in the magazine's focus and direction away from the sometimes harsh realities of hardcore bodybuilding to a more "mainstream" image; a change which ultimately led to the demise of the magazine.

TC has published two books: ATOMIC DOG: The Testosterone Principles, and more recently, MANHOOD AND OTHER STUFF: The Testosterone Principles 2.

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