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Terrence Christian "TC" Luoma[1] (born Northwest Territories, Canada)[citation needed] works for the online bodybuilding resource Testosterone Nation (usually called T Nation). Tim Patterson is the publisher and owner of T Nation, which was founded in 1997.[2]

Luoma was born in Canada, but moved to Detroit at the age of 3. He has a BA in English language and literature and a BS in microbiology. After his first year of graduate school in Michigan, he moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico to live with his brother and got a job as a technical editor for a defense contractor.[3]

Luomas first work in the bodybuilding industry, an interview with female bodybuilder Heather Tristany, was published in MuscleMag. Luoma had started writing about bodybuilding when his wife visited Gold's Gym in Venice Beach for a photoshoot. Within a year, Luoma worked as a freelance writer for various publications.

Luoma first started writing for Muscle Media 2000 through MET-Rx founder, Dr. Scott Connelly for whom he ghost-wrote magazine columns. He was eventually hired by Muscle Media and become the editor-in-chief of the magazine at the height of its success.

The Testosterone website was founded after Luoma was fired via fax by owner Bill Phillips[4] from the now-defunct Muscle Media 2000 magazine, of which he had been the editor-in-chief and primary contributor. Phillips fired Luoma as editor-in-chief (though he still wanted him as a writer - an offer Luoma refused) after a change in the magazine's focus and direction away from the sometimes harsh realities of hardcore bodybuilding to a more "mainstream" image; a change which ultimately led to the demise of the magazine.[5]

TC has published two books: "ATOMIC DOG: The Testosterone Principles", a collection of his articles on T-Nation along with some new material, and, more recently, "MANHOOD AND OTHER STUFF: The Testosterone Principles 2".

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