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TC Matic
Origin Belgium
Genres Rock
Years active 1980 (1980)–1986 (1986)
Past members

TC Matic was a Belgian rock band founded in 1980 in Brussels. Centered on singer Arno Hintjens and guitarist Jean-Marie Aerts,[1] the band played a kind of music sometimes referred to as "eurorock", containing various styles including new wave, blues, funk, hard rock, avant-garde and French chanson. The band released four studio albums and attained a measure of commercial and popular success, and disbanded in 1986.


The band has its origin in the duo Tjens-Couter, composed of Arno Hintjens and guitarist Paul Decoutere,[2] which played rhythm and blues[3] since the early 1970s, and in 1974 were augmented with Ferre Baelen (bass) and Rudy Cloet (drums), and in 1977 with Serge Feys (keyboards).[4] Under the name "Freckle Face" two albums were released, Who Cares (1975) and Plat du Jour (1978).[5] In 1980, the group was renamed TC Matic (apparently for a Yugoslav surrealist poet named Matić);[4] Decoutere was soon replaced by Jean-Marie Aerts, who cooperated with Hintjens in the majority of the band's compositions and produced the first three albums.[4] Their debut album, TC Matic, was described as a mixture between Killing Joke and Gang of Four;[6] they scored an early hit in Belgium with "Oh La La La" in 1981,[1] and another with "Putain Putain" from 1983's Choco.[7][8]

In 1984, the Dutch bass player Michael Peet replaced Ferre Baelen. In 1985, the band toured Europe, opening for the Simple Minds,[4] a tour which proved that Belgian bands could attain commercial success outside the country.[9] A final album, Ye Ye (1985), was produced by Howard Gray. The band broke up in 1986.[4]

After the breakup[edit]

Arno Hintjes started a solo career, under the name Arno. He continued to cooperate with Jean-Marie Aerts, who went on to work mainly as a producer (for Jo Lemaire and the Urban Dance Squad, among others), and with two other ex-TC Matic-members, drummer Rudy Cloet and keyboard player Serge Feys.


  • Arno Hintjens - vocals
  • Jean-Marie Aerts - guitar
  • Ferre Baelen - bass (1980-1984)
  • Rudy Cloet - drums
  • Serge Feys - keyboards
  • Michael Peet - bass (1984-1986)


  • TC Matic (1981)
  • L'Apache (1982)
  • Choco (1983)
  • Ye Ye (1985)


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