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Not to be confused with The Team (band).

Team is a contemporary Slovak rock music band. They are most famous for a single from their third album which was called "Držím ti miesto", which was included in the soundtrack of the 2005 American film Hostel.

Revuo Esperanto 1989-5, Team.jpg
Team on cover of revue Esperanto 1989/5 in occasion of release of Esperanto version of their first album
Background information
Origin Martin, Slovakia
Genres Rock
Years active 1980–present
Labels Opus, Tommü Records, ENA Production, Forza and Universal Music
Associated acts Pavol Habera
Members Pavol Habera, Dušan Antalík, Ivan Válek, Milan Dočekal, Ivan Marček, and Juraj Tatár


  • Team 1 (Opus, 1988)
  • Ora Team' (also Team en Esperanto) (1989)
  • Team 2 - Prichytený pri živote (Opus, 1989)
  • Team 3 (Opus, Tommü Records, 1990)
  • Team 4 (Tommü Records, 1991)
  • Team 5 (Tommü Records, 1993)
  • Team 6 - Voľná zóna (ENA Production, 1996)
  • Team 7edem (Forza, 2000)
  • Mám na teba chuť :-) (Universal Music, 2002)
  • Live in Praha (Interkoncerts, 2003)
  • Team X (Universal Music, 2004)
  • Team 11 (Universal Music, 2007)

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