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Team, sometimes stylized as TEAM, is a contemporary Slovak rock band singing in Slovak and Esperanto. The band is well known for songs such as Reklama na ticho and Severanka[1]. They are most famous for a single from their third album, called Držím ti miesto ("I'm holding you a spot"), which was included on the soundtrack of the 2005 American film Hostel[2].

OriginMartin, Slovakia
Years active1980–present
LabelsOpus, Tommü Records, ENA Production, Forza and Universal Music
Associated actsPavol Habera
MembersPavol Habera, Dušan Antalík, Ivan Válek, Milan Dočekal, Ivan Marček, and Juraj Tatár


  • Team 1 (Opus, 1988)
  • Ora Team' (also Team en Esperanto) (1989)
  • Prichytený pri živote (Opus, 1989)
  • Team 3 (Opus, Tommü Records, 1990)
  • Team 4 (Tommü Records, 1991)
  • Team 5 (Tommü Records, 1993)
  • Voľná zóna (ENA Production, 1996)
  • 7edem (Forza, 2000)
  • Mám na teba chuť :-) (Universal Music, 2002)
  • Live in Praha (Interkoncerts, 2003)
  • Team X (Universal Music, 2004)
  • Team 11 (Universal Music, 2007)

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