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Piraeus University of Applied Sciences
Type University
Established 1983
President L. Vrizidis
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Students 20.000
Location Aigaleo, Attica
Pireus, Attica
, Greece

The Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (Greek: Ανώτατο Εκπαιδευτικό Ίδρυμα Πειραιά Τεχνολογικού Τομέα, A.E.I. Πειραιά Τ.Τ.) was created by a special law in 1976 as a merging result of the "Anastasiadis School" (founded in 1947) and the "Sivitanidios School" (founded in 1957), and was established with the 1983 related law (Ν.1404/1983). The University provides a high level of technological education and applied research in the equivalent taught areas. The Piraeus University of Applied Sciences offers more than twenty different degrees ranging from the fields of applied science and engineering to those in Economics and Business Administration. Reserving standing partnerships with other domestic or foreign educational and research institutions, Piraeus University of Applied Sciences continuously improves its educational level. The Foundation also participates in many European programs such as the "Erasmus", internationally cooperating and disseminating academic knowledge.[2]

The Piraeus University of Applied Sciences is one of the fifteen Greek independent and self-administrated Applied Sciences Universities and is a "University of Applied Sciences" of the "Greek National System of Highest Education" (in accordance with the related Greek laws 2916/2001,3549/2007 and 4009/2011). Applied Sciences Universities (former: Technological Education Institutes) differ from other Greek Universities in the applied character of their studies (Laboratory Courses and Graduate Training/Internship). Applied Sciences University degrees, as well as those of the rest of the Greek Universities, are the only degrees of Highest Education in the country, recognized by the Greek Government and the EU. Thus, "Universities" & "Universities of Applied Sciences" graduates, may continue their studies at postgraduate level, under exactly the same conditions.[3] The graduate programs offered by the University of Applied Sciences of Piraeus draw the attention of the management of a widely competitive and accepted by the market variety of organizations.[4]

Active students reach a number of over 20.000 people, as the regular and temporary faculty lists 2.000. The Institution's operations are maintained by its administrative staff, which consists of ~250 people.

Piraeus University of Applied Sciences Buildings are in a grove 100,000 sq.m in the wider area which housed the Academy of Plato. The institute is located near the port of Piraeus and in the metropolitan area of Athens. Regular bus services connect the University to the center of Athens or Piraeus and the rest of Attica and bus lines connected to Aegaleo metro (line 3) station.[5]


  • School of Applied Technology[6]
  • School of Administration and Εconomics[7]
  • General Sections[8]
  • Foreign Languages and Physical Education[9]

A. Undergraduate Degree Programs - Piraeus University of Applied Sciences[edit]

1. S.A.T. (of Piraeus University of Applied Sciences) | School of Applied Technology[edit]

  • Department of Civil Engineering[10]

The Department of Civil Engineering is focused on applications related to design, construction and management of public or private construction projects, integrated in the context of architectural standards and building laws/regulations, requirements of energy planning and the environmental impacts of the above.

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering[11]

The Mechanical Engineering Department's mission is to promote, teach and apply research, in the field of Mechanical Engineering, getting students to acquire the knowledge and skills needed in the greatly increased demand of the field in the best possible way.

  • Department of Electronics Engineering[12]

The curriculum of the Department of Electronics, covers the subject of Electronics and applications in the fields of industrial automation, telecommunications, and information technology.

  • Department of Electrical Engineering[13]

The curriculum of the Department of Electrical Engineering covers the subjects of the application of Electrical Engineering on electric energy systems and installations, automation, electronics, information systems and communications.

  • Department of Automation Engineering[14]

The curriculum of the Department of Automation covers the subject of automatic control systems, i.e. electrical, electronic, hydraulic, mechanical, chemical, biological, mechatronics and telematics.

  • Department of Computer Systems Engineering[15]

The Department of Computer Systems is focused on the science and technology of computing, information processing and applications, applied training engineering for the needs of the computer systems industry, research, economy and education.

  • Department of Textile Engineering[16]

The curriculum of the Department of Textile Engineering covers the application of sciences in the mechanical and chemical process of natural, artificial and synthetic fibers in fashion and the textile production industry.

2. S.A.E. (of Piraeus University of Applied Sciences) | School of Administration and Εconomics[edit]

  • Department of Business Administration[17]

The goal of the Department of Business Administration is to implement on the management science in every activity field of an enterprise. The application of management science begins with establishing and expanding the company throughout its lifetime. Focusing on the business environment, organizing and planning, decision making and dealing with various problems in production.

  • Accounting and Finance Department[18]

The curriculum of the Department of Accounting and Finance covers the subject of study and application of accounting. Pursuing further the systematic and comprehensive information for decision making, research and promotion of the Accounting Science and fully meets the requirements of the equivalent Greek Law (N.2515/1997, FEK 154/A) on the profession of an "Accountant".

  • Tourism Enterprises Department[19]

The curriculum of the Department of Tourism Enterprises covers the subject of Management with specialization in implementing tourism enterprises, in both private and public sectors.

3. Other Sections[edit]

3a. General Sections

  • Department of Physics, Chemistry and Materials Technology[20]

The object of the Department is to study and develop the ability to apply knowledge in subjects as Physics, Chemistry and Materials Technology, with emphasis on implementing issues associated with the objects of the Departments above.

  • Department of Mathematics[21]

The Department covers the subjects of Mathematics and Computer Programming in all languages and the object of Applied Information in all parts of the University's Degrees. Furthermore, The Research Committee of the University in cooperation with financial institutions of the private sector offer training programs in applied computing for graduates, cooperating with other postgraduate domestic or foreign Universities too.

3b. F.L.P.E. (Foreign Languages and Physical Education)

  • Foreign Languages[22]

Taught languages: English - French - Italian - German, and the Foreign Specialty terminology.

  • Physical Education[23]

The Center of Foreign Languages and Physical Education at S.T.E.I. (Supreme Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus) motivates students to engage in sporting activities. Individual or team events are offered. The Department of Physical Education Center announces its schedule of events in the beginning of each academic year.

B. Post-Graduate Degree Programs - Piraeus University of Applied Sciences[edit]

The Piraeus University of Applied Sciences operates 15 Approved Graduate Courses independently or in cooperation with universities and abroad.[24] (Caution: Update needed for current section)

1. The Civil Engineering Department participates as a second party to Kingston University in the operation of self-financing Postgraduate Studies concerning Management in Construction, which has two directions:[25]

a) “Management in Construction”

b) “Structural Design and Construction Management”

The program is being adapt to the demands and requirements of Law 3685/2008, as part of implementing the relevant provisions, and the Working Rules of Postgraduate Studies of TEI Piraeus.

According to the above legal, institutional and regulatory framework, a proposal to establish robust Postgraduate Studies concerning Policies and Techniques Applied Environmental Protection has been approved by the General Assembly of the Department.

2. The Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus, in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering Kingston University London, carried out successfully 9isynechi year, recognized by the Ministry of Education Postgraduate Course entitled:[26]

MSc Advanced Industrial & Manufacturing Systems

The Department of Electronics participates in two Inter-University - Master Courses in partnership with universities and abroad:[27]

3. MSc in Networking and Data Communication

4. MSc in Technologies of Information and Communication Technology for Education

5. The Automation Department of Technological Institute of Piraeus and University of the West of Scotland, Great Britain involved in organizing the Graduate Studies Program entitled "Master of Science in Quality Management". To program approved by the Ministry of Education (Official Gazette 738V/18-05-2004).[28]

6. Parts of Electronics and Automation, TEI Piraeus and the School of Computing & Information Systems, University of Kingston in Great Britain involved in the organization of Postgraduate Studies with the title «Master of Science in Networking and Data Communications». The program is approved by the Ministry of Education (Official Gazette 738V/18-05-2004, as amended by the Gazette: 1881/29-12-2006).[29]

7. MSc on Information Technology:The program aims to provide graduates specializing in Information Technology. Specifically, it aims at specialization graduates who have special knowledge and skills in Information Technology.[30]

8. The Department of Business Administration operate Postgraduate Courses:[31]

9. "Health Administration" in conjunction with the University of Piraeus (GG 442 / B / 2004)

The stand-alone PSP "INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION" with specialization in Marketing and Human Resource Management (E5/43596/FEK 1476/22.07.2009/t. B)

10. The University of Kentucky in partnership with the Technological Institute of Piraeus in Greece organized by the graduate MBA program at the premises of TEI Piraeus. The program is the only accredited MBA American University in Greece and is part of the Law 2916/2001 and its recognition is published in the Official Gazette, Gazette vB 738 '/ 18.5.2004.The program lasts 18 months (three semesters). The degree is issued in the U.S.[32]

11. The purpose of this PSP the Master of Accounting graduate education to meet the increasing professional demands of the labor market and the deepening of the items on a theoretical level. The promotion of Accounting and Finance Research is also an important objective of this Master Plan.[33]

The General Department of Mathematics operate Postgraduate Courses:[34]

12. Educational Technology and Human Resources Development Department of Elementary Education, University of Athens in partnership with the Department of Mathematics, TEI of Piraeus

13. MSc in Project Management Seattle University in partnership with the Department of Mathematics, TEI of Piraeus

14. MSc in e-Commerce Kingston University London in partnership with the Department of Mathematics, TEI of Piraeus

15. MSc in Energy Heriot-Watt University The Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus, in collaboration with Heriot-Watt University implements for the eighth consecutive year the MSc in Energy.[35]

16. MSc in Health Management European University of Cyprus The Department of Business administration, Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus, in collaboration with European University of Cyprus.[36]

Notes and references[edit]

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