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TE Data
IndustryISP, Communications
Key people
Ahmed ElBehiery, Chairman
Number of employees
more than 5000
ParentTelecom Egypt

TE Data S.A.E. (Arabic: المصرية لنقل البيــانات‎, romanizedAl mesreyyah lenakl al-bayanat, lit.'Egyptian data transfer') is an Internet service provider in Egypt,established in 2001 by Telecom Egypt (Incumbent Operator of Egypt) to act as its data communications and Internet arm. TE Data has 65% of the market share and controls over 70% of the internet bandwidth in Egypt.

TE Data was awarded a Class A license from Egypt's National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA). Such a license allows TE Data to build its own national backbone network, operate its international data gateway, co-locate its equipment at the central offices and all IP based services to end-users as well as other Service Providers.

The company is a growing data communications and Internet services provider. Currently, with operations in Egypt and Jordan and plans in other parts of the MENA region, The company's portfolio includes narrowband and broadband Internet access services, managed dedicated Internet access services, IP VPN connectivity services, global connectivity services in addition to consulting and professional services and it depend on employees from youth in order to provide such professional consultant .

The Company's network includes full transit connections to the Internet networks of MCI, Flag, WorldCom and Teleglobe. TE Data provides global Internet route coverage on either a direct or transit basis. The network architecture allows diverse and redundant routing options by incorporating connections to multiple Network Access Points (NAPs).


On 1 February 2005, TE Data and Salec Egypt announced in Cairo ICT 2005, the launch of a trial TV over IP IPTV system. In this trial the company demonstrated the capability of its IP MPLS network to provide the next generation bandwidth intensive service. The trial involved the broadcasting of high quality TV channels and video-on-demand VOD on the TE Data network using a trial setup supplied by Salec Egypt.

In that trial Salec Egypt Integrated a solution based on equipment supplied from TANDBERG Television for the head-end system, where Live IPTV and Video on Demand VoD are streamed on TE Data's IP MPLS network and delivered to the end user using the ADSL infrastructure.

In November 2006, TE Data announced the launch of its new service TEVU, providing a range of Streaming and VOD content to existing and new ADSL subscribers over TE Data’s IP MPLS network and Egypt’s last mile lines.

TE Data launched an IP based video streaming service in Egypt and the Middle East during the 2006 FIFA World Cup. The current TEVU content has 9 streaming channels including 4 ART sports channels, 1 Arabic movie channel (ART AFLAM), 1 Arabic TV shows channel (ART HEKAYAT), 1 western movie channel (ART MOVIE WORLD), 1 religious channel (IQRAA) and the famous Cable News Network CNN news channel. In addition to the live streaming channels, TEVU includes a VOD library that contains more than 40 Arabic films ranging from classics to new films. All of TEVU’s streaming and VOD content is provided by the Arab Radio and Television network ART.

TEVU service utilizes several Microsoft products ranging from Windows Server 2003, which includes Windows Media Services 9 Series responsible for multicasting live streams over the network, as well as providing unicast VOD content. Microsoft Media Encoder 9 responsible for transcoding live streams into WMV format, Microsoft Media Services 9. The content is encrypted using Microsoft's Digital Rights Management software, which protects live content as well as VOD content. TEVU customers watch the content using Microsoft's Windows Media Player

Telecom Italia[edit]

On 2 February 2005, Telecom Egypt, Egypt’s incumbent operator, TE Data, and Telecom Italia Sparkle, Italy’s international services carrier, announced that they are expanding the cooperation of the already signed Partnership Agreement in the field of IP services and advanced data solutions for multinational customers.

The three-party Agreement called for the sharing of technical and commercial strategies with the aim of building a mutually stronger position in the Mediterranean basin telecommunications market.

The qualifying element of the Partnership Agreement is the installation and start-up of a Telecom Italia Sparkle Point of Presence (POP) in Cairo. Through this POP, essentially Egyptian and Italian corporate customers can gain access to IP/Data services (e.g. IP-VPN Virtual Private Networks and other managed bandwidth solutions).

The three partners have announced that a handful of corporate customers are already connected and using the services of the brand new Cairo POP.[citation needed]


In July 2005, Alcatel (Paris: CGEP.PA and NYSE: ALA) announced that it had signed a frame contract with TE Data, to supply its broadband Digital Subscriber Line DSL solution.

Alcatel installed and supported 50,000 DSL lines over 2006. The Alcatel solution provided Egyptian end users with high speed Internet access, as well as other broadband services.

TE Data deployed the Alcatel 7300 Advanced Services Access Manager (ASAM), the most widely deployed DSL platform in the world. TE Data joins other service providers such as Iceland Telecom, Ventelo, Bell Canada, Hawaii Telecom, Vodafone Italy, Bell Alliant, Orange Spain, France Telecom, Saudi Telecom, and KPN who use the 5530 Network Analyzer to support the introduction of broadband services.

Avaya Inc.[edit]

Starting September 2005 TE Data has adopted IP telephony from Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a provider of business communications applications, systems and services. Since then the company doubled its call center capability, and deployed the Avaya voice system.

Flag Telecom[edit]

On 4 February 2006 – TE Data, announced that it has signed a frame agreement with Flag Telecom, a leading provider of international wholesale network transport and communications services, to raise its International bandwidth capacity with Flag to an STM16 (2.42 Gbit/s) before mid-2006, a move that took TE Data's overall total International capacity to the higher capacity.

TE Data's former activated international bandwidth capacity was 1.8 Gbit/s, while the current total market capacity is estimated at 4.48 Gbit/s, which represents around 40% of the total market capacity and the highest in the market. With this upgrade, TE Data's total international bandwidth capacity reached the higher capacity, taking the market to a total capacity of around 5.69 Gbit/s. Such a move fortified TE Data's leadership position in the Egyptian market with an estimated 52% of the total market international bandwidth.

The STM16 circuits is connected to the Flag Global Network through points of presence (PoPs) in Cairo and Alexandria.