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Public company
Industry Financial Services
Headquarters Cyprus
Products Financial Services
Currency Trading

TFIFX, is an online brand of TFI Markets,[1] a financial services public company[2] founded in 1999 to provide treasury services to European investors. TFIFX entered the online Retail Foreign exchange market and deliverable forex services in 2006. The company is a strong advocate towards low trading leverages.[3] In a Raconteur article featured in The Times of London regarding the 2010 Commodity Futures Trading Commission regulation, CEO Loucas Marangos said that “The industry itself should rethink offered leverage levels rather than wait for regulation to impose caps.”[4]


TFIFX’s online platform uses the MetaTrader 4[5] system to facilitate trades over single or multiple client terminals, web-enabled mobile phones and smart phones. The platform is adapted towards online retail foreign exchange (forex) trading, online foreign currency transfers, forex news and Contract for difference (CFD).[6] TFIFX’s pricing is based on both fixed and variable spreads while transactions are executed at market rates at all market conditions.[7] Prices are derived directly from the Interbank market. TFIFX generates income by adding or subtracting Percentage in point (PIP)[8] to the interbank market spread. All clients have a pre-agreed cut-out level which varies according to clients leverage and margin.


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