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TG5 - Logo 2018.svg
Created byEnrico Mentana, Lamberto Sposini, Clement J. Mimum, Emilio Carelli, Cesara Buonamici, and Cristina Parodi
StarringSee Presenters
Country of originItaly
Original language(s)Italian
Running timeSee Daily programme
Original networkCanale 5
Picture format16:9 SDTV
Original releaseJanuary 13, 1992 –
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TG5 (TeleGiornale 5) is the brand for Italian TV channel of Mediaset network Canale 5's news programmes. They are shown domestically on Canale 5 and Mediaset TGcom24 several times throughout the day. The audience of this newscast, notably in its 08:00 PM edition, has by far the highest audience among commercial TVs in Italy. The show broadcasts from Rome. The present editor-in-chief is Clemente Mimun.

Programme format[edit]

The programme is generally presented by a single newsreader but with additional newsreaders for financial reports. Most items will be made up of reports and are generally preceded and followed by the correspondent reporting live from the scene of the report.

Daily programme[edit]

Name CET Time Description Running time
TG5 Prima Pagina 06:00 7-minute news bulletin with traffic, weather and financial reports. Repeats every 15 minutes (last run at 07:45 AM).
TG5 Mattina 08:00 35 mins.
TG5 Flash 10:50 From Monday to Friday. 3 mins.
TG5 Giorno 13:00 Followed by the cooking programme Gusto. 30 mins.
TG5 20:00 30 mins.
TG5 Notte 01:00 Presents several newspapers front-pages through a touch-screen machine 30 - 35 mins.

Actual presenters[edit]

TG5 Prima Pagina[edit]

  • Francesca Cantini
  • Alberto Duval
  • Lorenzo Montersoli
  • Marco Subert

TG5 Mattina/TG5 Flash[edit]

  • Cristina Bianchino
  • Francesca Cenci
  • Barbara Pedri
  • Francesca Pozzi

TG5 Giorno[edit]

  • Matteo Berti
  • Alberto Bilà
  • Simona Branchetti
  • Dario Maltese
  • Paola Rivetta


  • Cesara Buonamici
  • Costanza Calabrese
  • Elena Guarnieri
  • Domitilla Savignoni

TG5 Notte[edit]

  • Riccardo Ceccagnoli
  • Paolo Di Lorenzo
  • Antonio Sapio

List of presenters[edit]

  • TG5 Prima Pagina: Veronica Gervaso, Alberto Duval, Francesca Pozzi, Francesco Vecchi
  • TG5 Mattina: Christina Bianchino, Barbara Pedri, Domitilla Savignoni, Susanna Galeazzi, Veronica Gervaso
  • TG5 Flash: Christina Bianchino, Barbara Pedri, Domitilla Savignoni, Susanna Galeazzi, Veronica Gervaso
  • TG5 Giorno: Costanza Calabrese, Paola Rivetta, Simona Branchetti, Matteo Berti
  • TG5 Flash: Paolo Di Lorenzo, Matteo Berti, Francesca Cantini
  • TG5 Sera: Elena Guanieri, Giuseppe De Filippi, Cesara Buonamici, Alberto Bilà
  • TG5 Notte: Lorenzo Montersoli, Dario Maltese, Francesco Antonio Sapio


  • 1992-2004 - Enrico Mentana
  • 2004-2007 - Carlo Rossella
  • 2007-present - Clemente Mimun


Year Viewers Share
2010-2011 5.207.000 21,04%
2011-2012 5.158.000 20,45%
2012-2013 5.078.000 20,14%
2013-2014 4.571.000 19,57%
2014-2015 4.609.000 19,55%
2015-2016 4.474.000 18,19%
2016-2017 4.324.000 19,10%