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TG Soft
Industry Software industry, Computer Security, Security software
Founded Rubano, 1992
Founder Gianfranco Tonello and Enrico Tonello
Headquarters Rubano, Italy
Key people
Gianfranco Tonello (CEO)
Products VirIT eXplorer
VirIT Personal Firewall
VirIT Scan Mail
VirIT Web Filter
Number of employees

TG Soft is a security software company, founded by Gianfranco and Enrico Tonello in 1992. The company is specialized in the development of anti-virus software and security solutions. The flagship product of TG Soft is VirIT eXplorer AntiVirus, but the company also develops other software like: VirIT Scan Mail and VirIT Personal FireWall.

TG Soft competes in the antivirus industry against AVG, Avira, ESET, F-Secure, Kaspersky, McAfee, Panda Security, Sophos and Symantec among others.


TG Soft was founded by Gianfranco and Enrico Tonello in 1992. The company was originally founded as a consultant to Istinform S.p.A., a logistic and informatics company for Italian banks.

Since the beginning, the primary occupation of TG Soft has been the computer security. In particular, in the beginning the company's business was focuses in the analysis of computer viruses found in the banking area. The analysis commissioned by Istinform to TG Soft have been focused on computer viruses spread in Italy, that the most common DOS anti-virus software in the market were not able to intercept. TG Soft was commissioned to analyze, identify and remove those viruses through the creation of an ad hoc programs.

After the experience in consulting, TG Soft has decided to create its own anti-virus software called VirIT. The first version has been released in 1993, for DOS Operating System, and released in shareware mode through the network of BBS FIDO Net and the banking system.

Since Microsoft introduced the very first Microsoft Windows, VirIT has been ported on the new Microsoft operating system and renamed VirIT eXplorer. During the years VirIT eXplorer has been always kept up-to-date and it has been released for all the next versions of Microsoft Windows, from Windows 3.1 to the newest Windows 8.

Albeit remaining a small company, during the last years, also thanks to the introduction of new key people such as Roberto Spagliccia, TG Soft has been expanded quickly.

Even if the flagship product of TG Soft is still VirIT eXplorer, during the time, the company has developed other security software, such as: VirIT Personal Firewall, VirIT Scan Mail and VirIT Web Filter.

In 2014, TG Soft has been released VirIT Mobile Security, a mobile security solution designed and developed by Paolo Rovelli - commercialised by TG Soft - and specifically designed for countering Android malware.

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