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Euro Verve Co., Ltd.
Industry Apparel
Founded 1987
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario, Canada

TH3 is a clothing brand of Canadian company Euro Verve Company Limited that manufactures apparel and accessories. The company has headquarters in Toronto, Canada and Hong Kong.

Company profile[edit]

Euro Verve Company Limited was founded in 1987 as a garment trading company and manufacturer with exports to the United States, Canada and the European Union. Euro Verve's main focus is on active wear and casual wear such as sweaters, knit shirts, T-shirts and yoga apparel. The company sells mainly to chains, retailers and importers, while the yoga apparel is sold directly to gyms and independent stores. Garments and accessories sold direct to retailers and consumers are marketed under the TH3 brand, and this includes a line of yoga apparel sold in Canada and through online shopping outlets.

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